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    Northeast bushcrafters january meetup

    I've just realized it's this weekend, I might be struggling to make it.
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    Northeast bushcrafters january meetup

    Hi Mick. If anyone drops out let me know please. Cheers.
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    Kielder Forest Meet (gauging interest)

    I'll be up for this, any weekend is fine by me, assuming I'm not already elsewhere. I can pick up/drop off en route if anyone is stuck for transport. Scottish visitors take note; the Fun Police in this area carry rule-books and ain't afraid to use them :argue: Cheers.
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    Regatta Landtrekka 35L

    I have the very same bag, in blue, sat right here in front of me! I bought it as a spare in 1999 as a back-up to my regular 'brand-name' bag that I used for my regular Polaris-Challenge MTB races. Guess what, I liked it so much that it became my bag of choice for that capacity. Still is. It has...
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    A Bit of Field Archery in the Snow.

    Looks nice Michael, where in Lakes is that? Cheers.
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    Wooplaw Meet

    I should be there Saturday morning for an overnighter.
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    Mountain Bike + Camp

    I agree with S_C_R about BOB trailers. I borrowed the original Yak version back in the nineties when I was bikepacking a lot. Very expensive but you can carry a lot of kit and still ride your MTB like an, er, MTB. For occasional use maybe a...
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    Hi Windy. I've been going to Wooplaw for the past 6 years or so. Spent three days there last month with regular locals. Looking forward to coming over. Weekends are quite easy for me. I'll PM you with suggestions of dates to check for timing. Cheers.
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    Hi folks. Canoeing, wild camping and MBA. Three of my hobbies there. (MBA lapsed, actually. Must rejoin). I've regularly passed the sign for Haddington on my way to friends at Coldingham. Wouldn't mind coming along for a weekend sometime. Cheers.
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    Skill share/meet up Wooplaw 24th,25thand 26th October

    Cheers Craig, there's always a comedian in the house ...;) I meant to type Saturday/Sunday for sure, very likely friday too. If Col reads this he'll probably mention about me booking the wrong flight, turning up a week early and in the wrong town, for an Arctic meet! Don't believe him ...
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    Skill share/meet up Wooplaw 24th,25thand 26th October

    Definate for Friday/Saturday, very likely for Friday too. Thanks for your time Stuart. Cheers.
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    Anyone from the teesside area?

    Peterlee. I'll keep my eye on this thread.
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    Heads UP - ALDI trail cam

    Looking to buy one myself. Heard good comments about these too, and also to look out for the raised Ltl Acorn logo at face bottom of unit to signify a non fake copy. Acorn do...
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    Camp out at new site in beamish

    Looks like a good place gaz, not far from me. I'd be on for a meet there. Cheers.