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  1. pauljm116

    Sold Alpkit Titanium cook set

    Probably not I'm afraid, I'm all sorted for kit at the moment. What were you thinking of though?
  2. pauljm116

    Sold Alpkit Titanium cook set

    Up for sale is my Alpkit Titanium solo cookset. 750ml pot and 450ml mug. I've had these for a while now but they have never been used not even for a brew and Alpkit no longer sell these models. I did plan on using these but keep going back to my MSR Titan kettle and mug instead. There are a...
  3. pauljm116

    Sold Berghaus Pravitale Mountain hooded jacket size XL

    Price dropped to £50.00 delivered.
  4. pauljm116

    Sold Berghaus Pravitale Mountain hooded jacket size XL

    Berghaus Pravitale mountain 2.0 hooded fleece jacket brand new with tags in size XL (Grey/Black colour). I purchased this as a spare (I really must stop doing that!) a few months ago and can't justify leaving it hanging in the wardrobe as the original won't be giving up for many more years. Very...
  5. pauljm116

    Sold DD Hammocks 3x3 tarp in coyote brown

    Selling this unused (not even been out of the bag) DD 3x3 tarp in coyote brown. I bought it for a trip with a friend but he ended up getting a different tarp and I already have one in green so this one can go. £27.00 Delivery will be by Hermes and is included in the price.
  6. pauljm116

    Sold Lowe Alpine AirZone Trail 30

    Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad HWMBLT likes it. Hermes did well getting it to you so quickly.
  7. pauljm116

    Sold Lowe Alpine AirZone Trail 30

    How about £45
  8. pauljm116

    For Sale British Army Basha, Bivvy and Crusader cookset mk 2

    Basha is sold. I'm keeping the crusader kit as I can't let it go for less than £30.
  9. pauljm116

    Sold Bergans Morgedal Anorak (Smock) Size Large

    Final drop to £90.00 before I decide to keep it.
  10. pauljm116

    Sold Lowe Alpine AirZone Trail 30

    Price dropped for quick sale
  11. pauljm116

    Sold Prices Dropped - Jetboil Sol Ti. Jetboil Frying pan & Saucepan. Alpkit Saucepans

    The clearout continues! Jetboil Sol Ti. Excellent lightweight system. I've only used this a couple of times and only for boiling water, I will chuck in a Jetboil Sumo cup too (for proper cooking) which the Sol Ti fits inside (the lid is too tight on the Sumo cup but I'm sure it will stretch...
  12. pauljm116

    Sold Lowe Alpine AirZone Trail 30

    I bought this as a new day pack but its slightly too big for my needs so I have purchased an Osprey Talon 22l instead. New and unused, I took the tags off but this has only been loaded and unloaded again and has never been outside. This is an excellent full featured pack with 30 litre...
  13. pauljm116

    Sold New British Army Modular Sleep System

    Its all made by Fecsa for the MOD. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk