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  • Hey Guest, For sale we have Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteel PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information or use the Pay Now button in the sidebar
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    I've handled quite a few khukuris and currently have just one (I tend to catch and release stuff until I get as close to perfect as I can imagine!). Most of the versions made by western companies are tacti-cool horrors with bad balance, often either overweight, or shapeless like a machete. The...
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    Fjallkniven PHK

    There is the H1, that also used to be available in 3G steel...I guess until they decided to make a "next generation" F1 in 3G for twice the price :D
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    All Fallknivens SOLD thank you
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    A1 Pro SOLD, thank you
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    A2 is SOLD, thank you
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    S1 Pro is SOLD, thank you
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    Ronin, Outdoorsman and fighter SOLD, thank you
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    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    Have a big bill to pay so have to re-set again. No trades please. UK post, fees etc. included as per rules. Happy to cost international post. Reasonable offers entertained, especially for bundles. Fallkniven: - SK3 "Juni", top of the line 3G san mai and curly birch. Long discontinued. Would...
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    2021 Summer BushMoot - 26 July - 7 August 2021

    Would love to come and camp a night or two. I don't know if it's more of a club thing or if anyone can play?
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    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    Thank you - amendments noted! I've just been looking and 6-800 seems to be ballpark for a return from London. Big commitment but a hell of an experience. PM coming...
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    Precision .22LR

    Interested depending on dates. No FAC but a little previous experience, would also like to bring a novice +1.
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    Sold Fallkniven F1 Pro PRICE DROP

    Still?! Someone else just offered to trade me one but the deal is complicated. If yours is still there, what price did you get to?
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    PayPal & Ebay VAT

    Also beware of VAT when buying from eBay sellers in the EU: eBay will now apply UK VAT on anything you buy, and not add it to the shown price until after you've agreed to buy! Even non-ratable items like used clothes, kids' clothes etc. Just one nasty shock to bear in mind for buyers as well...
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    Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

    What happened to these?! ❤️
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    Finland 2020.

    Flights and train fares for August (just guessing on the schedule) look pretty good at the moment...COVID permitting...