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    How do you clean your swiss army knife?

    Old toothbrush to get inside and warm soapy water then a good dry with a cloth that’s all I do other than 3 in 1 Occasionally
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    Bushcraft and survival skills magazine

    Never got number 86
  3. MikeLA

    Bushcraft and survival skills magazine

    Not happy with them, last one I had was issue 85
  4. MikeLA

    Map cases

    Always used an ortlieb mapcase or a cut up fabloned map.
  5. MikeLA

    British Army ”Softie” jacket

    Get hold of the older version 1000 times better. The green/sand reversible ones. The newer pcs jacket is rubbish
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    Socks and gloves

    Have cold hands during the winter and have tried every type of glove known to man - seriously over many years wool, thinsulate, hestra, and mountaineering makes, silk, possum fur/merino and many many others. Only one that keeps my hands warm are Buffalo mitts and pure wool and thinsulate mix...
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    Buffalo Hood?

    Carry a Buffalo hood wear a bush hat helps in the rain as well. As for rucksac straps every coat has a problem underneath the straps even the goretex proofing can wear away.
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    Buffalo Hood?

    Definitely worth having one. Tend to keep my Buffalo hood in my pack as a just in case (winter only) otherwise just wear a sun hat the rest of the year.
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    Anyone remember the ''Dartmoor Survival Knife'' ?

    Agree with Countryman I own a copy version. That and my Chris Caine smaller parang are my favourite knives
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    Wet weather gear - kit talk

    Did see a walker with an umbrella
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    Wet weather gear - kit talk

    The weird thing is last week I was hillwalking with the family in the Lake District carrying all the kit waterproofs, Hexi stove mug, food. In the heavy drizzly rain (rained for about an hour) just wore a Adidas nylon t- shirt. Never felt wet because I was walking and when I stopped for a break...
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    Any Lofty Wiseman survival tool reviews

    Like all tools you have to use for many months to be proficient with it and most knives will be good then. My use of the MOD survival knife a long time ago took ages to be good with it and most people hated that knife. Looking at the re handled version it might be a idea to get a Lofty wiseman...
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    Should I axe my axe ?

    Think i’ll move to Finland, beats the wet and windy Lake District just been too under a basha.
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    Should I axe my axe ?

    Always a folding saw for woodland trips elsewhere just a penknife. Think the popularity of axes in the uk came from RM. Personally unless you live in Sweden, Canada in the winter there not necessary. I enjoy my local woodland in its natural state not chopped/cut down all over the place.
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    Paramo - checked them out and can't decide if good or not.

    Was in Keswick on Wednesday and was going to find out about the jackets to try and help but Sod’s law it was shut. You need to try one on, looking at the pictures only it doesn’t look long enough, the chest zip length to the rest of the coat below the zip end, if you know what I mean.