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    Wayland's Ditty Bag

    Doesn't the barrel make it heavy?
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    Yet more fabulous customer service

    Gave the same feedback to Go Outdoors and got a reply within minutes, nice to know some take service seriously.
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    Yet more fabulous customer service

    I can't believe the service from Go Outdoors! I bought an inflatable shelter in early March 2018, used it for Scout School 2019 and carefully packed away. Got out for Scout School March 2020 and it has sprung a leak, no problem I thought just get the bladder out and repair or replace it. Not...
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    Sold Knives Part 2 - Reduced.

    I have a couple of Elma's knives and they are excellent and such good value, good luck with the sale!
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    Military Mart Customer service

    Sounds like it was issued then, I agree, give them a call.
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    Military Mart Customer service

    They are a reasonable thickness and could be worn on their own in summer and with a base layer or mid layers in the winter, Paul Kirtley swears by them. Size-wise, I am a 48" chest and a size 41 fits, albeit it can be slightly tight below my chest but not uncomfortably so. The brand new ones...
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    Military Mart Customer service

    Got to be done I'm afraid need to ease the pressure on my arthritis, unless anyone has a surefire cure!
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    More good customer service, I seem to be on a roll!

    Anyone bought from Bushcraft Outfitters from US recently? I ordered two items for $12 which were duly dispatched and arrived free of postage! It seems their website charging system was faulty, since fixed. I ordered four more items $12 in all but was staggered by the $54 postage...
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    Military Mart Customer service

    I agree, ideally I need a 43 but found I could get into size 41 when they are new, just need to cool wash to make sure they don't shrink. Obviously I could lose weight instead! :cool:
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    For Sale Schrader Knife - Should be a good Chopper.

    I do love Joel's work but sadly short on funds at the moment, otherwise I'd have snapped it up!
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    Military Mart Customer service

    Quick update: three brand new still in packaging shirts arrived on Friday. Astounding service, I'm definitely going to use them again when the need arrives.
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    Military Mart Customer service

    I agree, they were most helpful and the replacements were outstanding quality. Just got to wait till tomorrow to find out if the next set are as good!
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    Military Mart Customer service

    I purchased three "unissued" Swedish M59 shirts from Military Mart last week. On arrival I opened them and was disappointed with two as they were obviously not "unissued" with a repair on one and small paint splodges on another, the third was fine. I emailed customer support and they were...
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    Withdrawn BSA lightning rig

    I have the tactical version of this and they are very good for a springer. Can't fault mine for accuracy or power. Good luck with the sale!
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    What did you buy today?

    Love that match box or is it tin?!