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    Newbie to the group.

    Hello and welcome .....
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    Small spirit stove

    Have a look at
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    Greetings from a new member in Co.Durham

    Hello and welcome from down the coast in Whitby :thumbsup:
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    new member

    Hello and welcome .........
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    Welcome .....
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    Welcome .....
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    Hi from a knife maker in London

    Welcome :thumbsup:
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    Chris Caine?

    Interesting ..... I have a couple of his knives and when I tried to find a cost I came to a dead end ... That explains why
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    Greetings from Germany

    Hello and welcome ....some fabulous sounding trips in your resume .....
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    Hi from Lancashire

    Hello and welcome :thumbsup:
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    Wanted CVRT/Scorpion Tent

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    Wanted CVRT/Scorpion Tent

    I am in Devon at an old mates … he has one that he might sell …. Dated 1998 Shelter Penthouse Crew Accommodation Fox/Scorpion Good nick apart from some storage marks ( that might wash out when wetted) Issued and used on a special forces Landrover WMIK in Afghan .
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    Greetings from the big smoke!

    Hello and welcome :smile:
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    Wanted CVRT/Scorpion Tent

    These used to be readily available on eBay but I haven't seen one for years ..... Maybe try Anchor Supplies ??
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    Compact sea fishing rod?

    Have a look at ..... I have one for taking on holidays , works a treat