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    outdoor kitchen

    It does not look a bad set up to me, having the fire and associated embers raised up makes life so much easier, I may have tried to get the fire area on the left a bit larger, so you are able to move heat around to set up different cooking zones. The flat prep area on the right looks handy too...
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    ash dieback

    I had a ADB tree split out in the wind a few weeks ago. I found this site Quite helpful to look at...
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    Go Pro Hero 8 Black Reviews

    I just picked one up, seems handy and intuitive. But not used it much at the moment.
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    Infantry Style watch ?

    Got to disagree with you there. I have 2 issue watches. ‘96 and ‘09 dated ones and neither are GTLS.
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    Sold Woodlore, Alan Wood/Ray Mears

    A quick weekend bump!
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    For Sale Ray Mears 25th Anniversary knife

    Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Knife. Blade forged by Julius Petterson. This one is No 062 of 250 made and comes complete with belt sheath and signed certificate. The box is original and the corners have slight bends due to being posted. The Knife has been run over some Waterstones and stropped. It...
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    For Sale Various items

    Bump with a couple price drops
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    Wanted Ribz

    Looking for a Ribz front pack if anyone is looking to move one on? Only really looking for the green colour. Cheers Louis
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    What did you buy today?

    If the poles have been reversed, a quick swipe with a magnet should re-align the needle.
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    Sold Woodlore, Alan Wood/Ray Mears

    Thanks, I just had my hair cut.
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    Sold Woodlore, Alan Wood/Ray Mears

    I have had this for a good few years, and it was my go to fixed blade but needs must and with a pair of 24 year old Land Rover 110's to support! It was purchased from BB in the dim and distant past. It has been used, sharpened and stropped. I do look after my kit, it is always protected with...
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    For Sale Various items

    Having a bit of a tidy out. Särmä TST L3 Loft Jacket £50 Now £45 delivered to a UK address SOLD Särmä TST Boonie Hat £20 Now £15 Delivered to a UK...
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    Sold Spyderco WolfSpyder

    SOLD This has been pocket carried for a while, but I seem to grab a small fixed blade instead of this, so it should go to someone who will use it! All the info can be found at the below web address I can't seem...
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    Olive green gabardine SAS smock

    Google says the NSN comes up as a poncho camouflage, maybe worth someone with asset to the NSN database to have a looksee