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    What's this mess tin pouch?

    It’s an escape ration pouch, or a modern copy of. I think Kay Canvas make repro ones KL usually means Dutch. Are they stainless steel?
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    Roof awning for 4x4

    Flatdog are showing stock
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    Roof awning for 4x4

    I have an ARB 2.5x2.5 not got around to getting the side walls/room as yet. But it is a well made bit of kit. cheers Louis
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    Wanted Aussie cam tarp

    I have a couple, without opening them up, there can't be that much difference between the two, they fold to the same size. I will try and remember to open them and compare next week. I seem to remember that there was either a group buy or they were in the forum shop, but that was a long time ago!
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    Vegetarian, gluten free freeze dried camping meals

    Fire pot do a GF range
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    UCO lantern leather case

    @Montreal-Man and @Decacraft topknot has not been on the forum since 2017 you may be waiting a while for a reply.
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    Erroding Fire Steel!??

    A coating of clear (or any colour) nail polish will do the job. Scratches off easily when you need it too but keeps the damp and O2 out.
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    Building a Shepherd's Hut

    looks like it was meant to be there, awesome!
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    Hardtack Cutter

    I know its pedantic, However the Royal Clarence Yard whilst in Portsmouth Harbour is/was actually located in Gosport
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    Machete seized by UK customs

    I assume they have since changed the description to ¡¡¡ We do not ship this item to United Kingdom !!! If they have at least they are learning.
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    Portable solar panels, batteries, advice

    These guys have always been very helpful, maybe worth a chat with them.
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    Adding to my garden This post by @British Red is pretty spot on.
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    Sold PLCE Medic Pouches

    I have a pair of PLCE medic pouches to move on, One is issued and the second is Webtex. Issue on the left, Web-tex on the right In service markings on the front of the issues one. Interior of the issued Rear of the issued Interior of the issued Interior of the Web-tex showing 2...
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    Hooded loden smock

    Nice stitchwork there!
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    Helikon Matilda backpack external pouches

    Yes and no..... A 12cm Zebra fits in, it is snug but not tight. Hovever, mine has the bail arm removed. I do not think it would fit with the original bail arm attached. Louis