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    Berghaus Delta??

    Yes it’s a Berghaus Hootch. It’s bright red, I’m guessing early 80s looking at the fabrics used. I think in that period Berghaus produced all sorts of bags some of which are lost to history now. I got it off eBay, only paid about £15 for a brand new pack (albeit 30 + years old).
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    Berghaus Delta??

    The Delta was tiny, only about 25 ltrs. I think you saw a Munroe - basically a Munro with the added sew on side pockets. I think it was for the civilian market where as the the other two were good for the military. I think the Delta predated the Munro, the one I had was 70s vintage. There were...
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    At the going down of the sun and in the morning...

    I went up Great Gable for the service. It was a good day out with over a hundred in attendance. We also laid a wreath in memorandum of lives lost.
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    Paramo - checked them out and can't decide if good or not.

    If it helps the Enduro jacket and trousers seems to be the best of both worlds as the fit is more slimline and well thoughtout. I agree that the fabrics aren’t truly waterproof but I find them generally more pleasant to wear and warmer in winter. Our ME MRT Kongur jackets and salopettes only...
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    Paramo - checked them out and can't decide if good or not.

    We had a rep come to my MRT from Paramo last year, he said the company felt they had got the fabrics right but accepted they needed to address some issues with fit and ‘styling’. Perhaps some designs have been updated and others not? The cut of their clothing has always been a bit odd - I...
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    If you can get it, Chaga (true tinder fungus) makes a great hearth. Unlike wood you drill straight into it and is the ember is created in the fungus.
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    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    I would say Tilley because there are loads for sale second hand. I see them quite regularly at carboot sales and there are lots on Marketplace. You can probably get a decent one for £20-£30.
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    Para-cord help

    You could try Denbeigh Army Surplus in N.Wales. I think the chap deals in surplus parachutes. Every time I go in you can buy various paracord thickness and lengths.
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    Retro Berghaus

    That Mustang is a really nice pack Martin. My all time favourite pack is the Cyclops Roc, I wish Berghaus would bring out an updated version though! I’ve actually started using a multi coloured Cyclops Guide for the hills which is pretty similar to the Roc but with the Cyclops 2 back system. I'm...
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    Desert Island Books

    I think there was a thread about this a while ago? Anyway I would chose One Man’s Wilderness by Richard Proenneke and Sam Keith and probably Impossible Journey by Micheal Asher. Both are great stories of travel and nature although in very different climates.
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    Day pack recommendations please

    You can get side pockets, they fit both the Munro and Cyclops Roc but are only about 5 ltrs each. I’m not sure if you buy them new anymore mind. The Munro’s for sale seem to be branded as Munro ll now but they look the same as the original? Maybe a sales ploy?
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    Day pack recommendations please

    Berghaus Munro or Centurio for me. Simple and bombproof. The Munro was a forces favourite for about 25 years which is a testament to it. Old style Karrimor or Karrimor SF good to. Also check out the Scottish Mountain Gear range (they make sacks for Ray Mears) and Agiuille Alpine. Don’t buy the...
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    For Sale Arcteryx Gore Tex jacket.

    Hi Andy, what’s the armpit to armpit measurement please. Ta
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    Zebra billy. 14 or 16cm?

    Neither, get the Dave Canterbury Bush Pot.
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    Tell me about your Scandinavia/Boreal Trip

    I’ve stayed at this hostel a few times on ski touring trips, it makes a great base for exploring the mountains and there is a railway station in the valley below that connects to Trondheim airport. I’ve not been in summer but I’m sure it would be grand...