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I've always loved (car) camping, usually much more than the poor people that I've managed to drag along. So now I've started getting together kit and making plans for some solo wild camping adventures. I've always been interested in self reliance and survival, which means I enjoy Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman, Bear Grylls etc. don't see why people raise up their preferred idols as they all have merits (some much more than others). I have a lot of theoretical knowledge with very little practical experience. Looking to rectify this with some time pootering on my own in the woods where no-one can hear my cursing during friction fire attempts. I'm a kit/gadget junkie and have far more than I could ever fit in a van let alone on my back. I can't stand camouflage. I'd much rather be too cold than too hot. I'm slightly neurotic when it comes to planning and research and have degrees in 'worse case scenario worrying' and 'being prepared'. I'm not exactly a prepper but I'm with REM when it's TEOTWAWKI I wanna feel fine, preferably being MAD MAX and not stuck on someone's BBQ fork in the post apocalyptic wasteland...
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