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  1. Hunkyfunkster

    Let’s see your cook kits in use.

    Test firing a couple of different stoves I made. Always need multiple ways to make a coffee
  2. Hunkyfunkster

    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    Drop a message to Gary Hackett. Brilliant quality knives from a top quality bloke. I'd recommend him all day long.
  3. Hunkyfunkster


    Both my girls have the rounded tip hultafors safety knife. They've used them for s couple of years now. I highly recommend any of the hultafors knives to anyone. Great quality and usually cheaper than a mora too
  4. Hunkyfunkster

    Pretty fungi

    Hi there lads and lassies, I wasn't in my new house this time last year and I've had these wee guys pop up in the garden. I'm not the best at fungi ID, but I think they're pretty cool to look at
  5. Hunkyfunkster

    Possibles pouch

    Hopefully not your last attempt, that's brilliant. Well done
  6. Hunkyfunkster

    100+ knotting projects

    Bookmarked. Thanks. Will definitely be working my way through these
  7. Hunkyfunkster

    Belt carry pouch

    Thanks for the encouraging comments folks. Made another couple of items to add to the ever-growing bushcraft belt project. At this rate I'll be making suspenders for it too...
  8. Hunkyfunkster

    Belt carry pouch

    Hi there, lads and lassies. I made myself a wee moulded pouch for my multitool and kinda got carried away. I've since added a hatchet mask and a belt to carry it a on. Hope you like it... Alex
  9. Hunkyfunkster

    Candy Cane Twist Knot/lanyard, zipper pull, etc. - tutorial

    I like this one. May have to dig out some paracord and make some for the monsters' school bags
  10. Hunkyfunkster

    Homemade Dubbin (Leather Conditioner)

    Excellent video. Subscribed to your channel too. Lots of interesting stuff on there. Good job
  11. Hunkyfunkster

    Kuksa / Kasa / Cup

    Have a look for Alex Yerks, if you haven't already. He's the Kuksa king. Very knowledgeable man
  12. Hunkyfunkster

    Leather bushcraft pack MKII

    It's aging well. Can't wait to see the pictures next year
  13. Hunkyfunkster

    Somewhat awash with Chicken of the Woods. Recipes please.

    I've seen loads of mushrooms when I've been out and about this year. Still haven't found any chicken of the woods yet though. Hoping to finally get Geoff Dann's book so I can hone my mushroom identifying skills. It's my birthday soon, so fingers crossed...
  14. Hunkyfunkster

    New Carving Axe from Old Chopper!

    That is a lovely looking axe. Well done