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    Sold Webley Hurricane .22

    If you want it I have a spare front cover
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    Everyone that's getting messages from me!

    I got one thought it was weird as been member over ten years lol
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    Wanted Falkniven F1

    I have one in a costum rapid boy sheath hardly used
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    What are you buying yourself for Christmas?

    Thinks I’m going to buy some new thermals for winter and if I win lottery a nice field to plant some woods
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    Any Lofty Wiseman survival tool reviews

    Had one of the first ones was very thick at the spine traded it on British blades now use a kukri if I need a big blade
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    Getting loads in guernsey
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    What 'Creature' Is This And What Was It Doing?

    Is it a slope if so could be a drift trike
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    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    Watching with interest
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    Bring your catapults!

    Check out catapult carnage Chris is awesome has some great vids
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    Wanted: Long ferro inset into antler

    Made two of these last week the used one made last year
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    Got caught out yesterday.

    Carry first aid kits in all my vehicles and the work vehicles have them have one in my lunch bag one in the boat two in my sheds one in my bedroom one in kitchen and one in my fishing kit all very well stocked we all do a first aid at work plus annual refresher course learned how to apply a...
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    Catapult for Hunting

    Hex nuts are cheap but if your in the uk you can get 5000 6or7mm bbs from balls of steel for £21 free delivery
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    What did you buy today?

    A thousand ball bearings for slingshot spending a lot of time on the catch box of late
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    Catapult for Hunting

    I have several catapults from the pro Diablo black widow to a couple of gzk titanium’s Aswell as a couple of other flat band catapults with quick clip bands both in ott (over the top) and TTf (through the folks) had a couple of wasp uniphox which can be banded either way they are cheap worth...
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    Overseas Just doing it !

    My daughter was in Spain for part of her degree visited her twice she was near Madrid so based ourselves there and visited nearby towns especially teledo