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    Olight torches, headlamps etc

    We've had some olight products in for review recently, i have to say there right up there, superb quality. I have a discount code... GD10.. gets 10% off for anyone who can use it.
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    Brilliant bushcraft knife.

    Yep, it does look a bit Nessie shaped. That was my first thought too. I love the Nessmuk though, I use one as my main knife.
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    Exped downmat 9

    It is delamination but I've had the mat about 7 years and you only get a 5 year warranty. I'm not complainig about it, the mats been fantastic and i would buy another but cant afford one. I'll try looking for a 2nd hand one and start saving, thanks a lot for the advice.
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    Exped downmat 9

    Thanks Toddy, its a huge big lump which makes the mat unusable. They are so expensive and I just can't afford to get a new one. I love the warmth it provides in the winter and I'm hoping to be able to kind of rescue it.
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    Exped downmat 9

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with the downmat 9. Mine has developed a big air bubble in it which apparently is not repairable. So, if I where to cut one end open and insert a cheap self inflating mat, would the downmat still insulate me from the ground. Thoughts please guys and girls...
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    Playing with patina

    Tomato ketchup
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    Playing with patina

    Had a little play with a patina on a cheap mora.
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    New here

    Hiya pal, fancy seeing you hrre lol
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    Does such a thing exist....

    Guys, i need a - 10 c comfort sleeping bag, which will easily accommodate a short fat fella, which packs down to about 2foot x 1 foot and has a dedicated bivvy bag that either press studs or zips on. Side or Central opening, for £200. Does it exist. Army arctic bag with modded bivvy bag i hear...
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    British Army Modular Sleeping Bag!

    I've recently invested in a wiggy's system. Its the ultralight mummy bag and an overbag. Firstly, its far from ultra light and needs a 50 liter pack just for the sleeping bags. I've tried stuffing it into a 30 litre and theres ni chance. Although its lovely and warm in extreme temps and all zips...
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    My new Nessie

    Janne, your info is perfectly correct and the Nessmuk may well excel in the kitchen and on the butchers table. Having borrowed a friends a while back, i just found it to be a good all rounder and enjoyed using it. I'm sure you know the original nessmuk had a thin blade, mine has a thick ish...
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    My new Nessie

    Tut tut, do i detect a hint of sarcasm Janne lol
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    My new Nessie

    Hi guys n girls. I've been after a Nessie for a while now so bit the bullet and had one made in RWL34 What do you think.
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    UK Northern Adventures - Giants Seat

    No worries old friend, theres gonna be more, very soon.... Lots more