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    British Made Bushcraft Knives.

    You have PM ! Graham
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    River Wye Canoe Trip

    Excellent idea, The Wye is a fabulous river, with all types of paddling available. I'll be back on the Wye in 4 weeks time for a week, if the water is right the first bit from Glasebury is in my opinion one of the best runs - can be quite technical, but also awesome scenery. Enjoy! (Don't...
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    Outdoors Show

    We had a bit of a strange time there as well. We were helping on the Canoe Camping Club Stand for Saturday morning and half of the afternoon as well. We had a look round and also came back on Sunday - overall impressions, I bought loads less than last year, and there seemed to be mostly a...
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    which canadian canoe

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    Brighton beer

    Sorry guys and Gals, looks like time has caught up with me and won't be able to make it tonight. I'll try and get there next time. Meanwhile, I'm off tomorrow morning for a weekends canoeing in Devon (If I ever get it all packed.... :( ) Graham.
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    Brighton beer

    I'll be the one with silver (ok then, grey) hair! I also won't bring the canoes with me, otherwise it'll get a bit crowded. Graham p.s. Just tried to load a piccie of me with Kelly Kettle but it said my file size was too large - how do you upload them???
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    Brighton beer

    Maybe as a potential - although we are going off to Devon early Friday morning for Canoe Coach training, so I may be a little busy that night getting canoes strapped onto roofracks - still would be nice to meet up and also the Nelson is walking distance from home - how will we recognise each...
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    Mad River Canoes

    What an excellent idea, all we've got to do is find the time and place. Graham.
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    Good piccies, and you're right the Disco's are bomb proof - we've just sold one because we bought a Dagger Reflection 15 in Royalex, second hand, and really didn't need 4 Open boats :eek: Graham.
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    Mad River Canoes

    Absoloutely, but if you look at the Old Town Ojibway Canadian Canoe, although the hull is based on a Disco 158, it does have a moulded deck. I saw one last week that was full of water after a capsise, and it drained like a kayak from a bung at the back, and took ages - and with all the water in...
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    Mad River Canoes

    One thing that you need to consider is the conditions you'll be using it in - for example if the boat has a moulded deck, and you wanted to tackle some white water - or even moderate open water; 1. How easy is it to fit bouyancy bags, tie in points and adjust the seat 2. How easy is...
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    Ray Mears Series Two DVD's

    Yep got mine last night, had to fight my son over which to watch, as we were watching the DVD of "Long Way Round" until the DVD crashed. We watched the Axe bits - really good and informative, crammed full of info, and also the matchbox from Birch Bark - but Ray using PVA glue :eek: Oh yes...
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    Crikey, I'm spending my evening replying to Quotes all night. I am a member of the CCC and they are a good bunch. In the South East of England they run a Coaching weekend on the Thames for members in June, and they are having a come and try this weekend on the Thames again, but you have to be...
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    Oh Yeah...!! New toys...!!!

    We've been using a Kelly Kettle for a few years now and it's an essential piece of Kit - I now suffer withdrawel symptoms if we leave it behind and others are using theirs. Best of all is when you are camping with more than one KK. Then you can get back to back hot water in production...