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    For Sale Tilley and Vapalux Lamps

    what year is the tilley mate?
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    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    they wont sell that lot for a grand,maybe testing the water,split into lots it would go,looks to be astove bits there too. this would be my choice for the reasons above:
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    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    I have a huge collection of both Bialaddin and tilleys,i would recommend a Tilley x246 guardsman. bullet proof compared to the later models like the x246b,the latter having much thinner walls on the tank which often leads to a bulge on the bottom,another major point is they have a pressure...
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    Tilley lamp or Petromax

    spray the mantle with hair spray before travelling with the lamp,works a treat and burns off with no residue or flare.
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    a sexy axe from Mr Budd esquire!

    always welcome to drop in mate.
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    a sexy axe from Mr Budd esquire!

    thanks guys i think the weight is 1.5lb,its going to get a lot of use this week as ive just been given 10ft of silver birch!
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    a sexy axe from Mr Budd esquire!

    Finally i saved up enough pennies for a blacksmithed carving axe head,and i have admired Dave Budd's work for a long time and have a few of his tools allready si i spoke to Dave and we came up with a shape that would suit my needs for carving,i got the head only as i wanted a particular style of...
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    Hollow Iron for carving.
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    a bit of kolrossing.......

    been messing about doing some kolrossing with my new kolrossing knife,in some ways it is a similar thing to scrimshaw,the wood needs to be prepared by sanding fine or scraping with broken glass,this will hopefully leave a smooth surface onto which you can incise a pattern or design,next you...
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    a few recent spoons.

    thanks for the kind words folks,and please feelfree to come here for a session and a camp out,mad axe murderers need not apply!
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    a few recent spoons.

    thanks for kind words dave,the pole lathe isnt mine but i will have made one by the spring..... btw you can camp if you want dave we can have some fun and chilli........lots of chilli........
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    a few recent spoons.

    when i started carving spoons i had no idea the places it might take me,i carved my first when i was just a boy and took a break of a number of years and then seeing it was a cool bushcraft thing to do re kindled my skills,ime not the best by a long way but it really is a great thing to do to...
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    Birch burl kuksa

    very nice carving mate.
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    More carboot tools

    its a keeper for sure! ive wanted one nost of my life!just needs me to make a nice sheath for it now.....
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    Your picture of the day...

    a bit topical, DSC06925cc by fishfish_01, on Flickr