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    Withdrawn Shing fixed blade.

    Reduced to £75
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    Withdrawn Shing fixed blade.

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    Withdrawn Shing fixed blade.

    The blade is approx 5 inches. 10 inches approx overall. Flat grind. Very sharp. Approx 4mm thick. Blade width approx 1 1/4 inches.
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    Withdrawn Shing fixed blade.

    For sale Shing fixed blade. Very sharp. Shing thinks it is 01 steel. Corian handle scales. Leather sheath not made by Shing. Bargain at £80. Withdrawn.
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    Wanted Entrek Companion or Backup Utility wanted.

    Wanted Entrek Companion or Backup Utility please.
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    Sold Filson Mackinaw Cruiser jacket.

    Great jackets, I've got one. Good luck with the sale.
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    My latest design.

    Well if there is enough interest, put me down for one.
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    My latest design.

    I'd love the smaller version in 14c28n or Aeb-l.
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    My latest design.

    Nice work.
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    Sold Steel Will argonaut 800 with free Ontario Rat one folder.

    Steel Will argonaut 800, lovely knife, virtually unused. With free Ontario Rat One folder, had light use only, a few marks on blade and pocket clip, also, small nick at end of scale, but sound and good to go. Both for £60.
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    Wanted Chris Reeve Pacific. Found

    Wanted, Chris Reeve Pacific plain edge. Used is fine as long as in good condition. Thank you. Now found.
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    I'm familiar with the term, but I don't use it and it doesn't seem to be in common usage around here.
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    underground water.. SAFE TO DRINK?

    I'm no expert, so wait for more knowledgeable answers, but I would at least boil it. Thank you for the video.
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    That's a great video, your camp is coming on. Your dog is certainly happy to be there too.