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    Reducing Knife Blade Length

    I just increased the sharpening notch till the cutting edge was under 3" and replaced the locking side plate with one of the linerlock side plates which dosnt have the cut out
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    £5 Woodlore Clone but 2 yrs to make

    Blimey 8yrs ago it all began
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    What's your favourite camping meal?

    Slow roast shoulder of lamb rubbed in garlic and rosemary on a bed of veg with port gravey made in the roasted juices and tri veg ruff mash
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    bits for kydex sheath making

    I buy mine from knife kits in USA The small eyelets are #6 Which will just fit paracord needs a 3/16" hole drilled #8 are the more std and bigger as they fit the Chicago screws to bolt items together. They come in various lengths denoted by a second number . 2 bits of 2mm (0.080") KYDEX...
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    Whistle that doesn't need much puff...

    The acme 636 are small n loud
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    Parang knife

    No not as versatile I prefer a large blade khukuri or parang Axe is a dedicated chopping tool and pretty poor at anything else tho I can use it for more. Depend on how you trained / what your used to as to what your used to all work in different ways.
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    Knife Advice

    Cleared some space
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    Completely original design ultimate survival knife..

    Definatly is lots of stores for various grades of radio active material all over the place even the high power tritium used in very old mobile phones or warship dial indicators
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    Knife Advice

    Definatly worth looking at a commissioned knife Your range of uses is going to require compromise I make bushcraft and game blades as well as bigger blades and when aimed at specific use they are very different . Your not far from me I'm near Ringwood if you want to come see / chat
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    Completely original design ultimate survival knife..

    Much more original once the tip snaps off Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Is willow toxic

    Made slide whistles from Rowan in the spring as the bark slips off easy . Never tried willow none about where I grew up
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    yes can be used but I wouldnt for a parang or a machete I use 52100 for my Kukuris (as I dont use O1 for anything any more haven't for years ) My Parangs where designed for the UK Military for hard use in jungle training so have to be as tough as possible so i picked a steel to do this...
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    Because it's a very useful tool in the woods I use mine a lot at home for clearing brush and processing the wood I find it better than a traditional bill hook style for me . Most of the ones I make and sell do go to work in jungles where they are a life line.
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    Bushcraft licence to and from the Moot to a place of Residence !

    No bit of paper issued by Tony will be recognised by any police he is not authorised by the government to print knife carry licences. A proof of paid entry ticket would and should be accepted as good reason when travelling to and from the venue tho under pressure some forces may have a policy...
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    Rabbit control at a school.

    Shame your not closer Stew. Our local school has hast cancel sports day and all use of its playing field till September due to rabbit damage