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    Sold Barbour and Alpha Industries Jackets

    M65 jacket arrived this morning , perfect condition. Thank you.
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    Sold Barbour and Alpha Industries Jackets

    Hi Mike, interested in the M65 jacket. I’ll send you a PM
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    Aldi Table Saw

    Not familiar with the workzone table saw but most are usually adjustable from underneath with either a bolt or ramp to adjust fine tine the blade angle, then just use a square to ensure it’s at 90 degrees the video below is for a DeWalt but a lot of the saws are similar for adjusting If...
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    The Covid19 Thread

    This is just another virus spread from animal to human that is happening all the time as like any other virus it aims to keep replicating itself. As with all other viruses there is no magic cure other than humans developing antibodies to fight it, these are normally harvested from survivors and...
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    Your top 3 steels and why?

    In no particular order D2 - it’s tough and easy to sharpen. Rust is supposed to be an issue but I’ve never had a problem with just a wipe down afterwards. It’s great to see it on some lower price knives but can’t justify it on high end ones regardless of how much wrk has been put into it. S30v...
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    For Sale Metalbudgies Blade Sale

    Cheers, the knife arrived today as described. Good luck with the other sales.
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    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Accidents happen and no amounting of training can prevent one from happening only minimises the likelihood.
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    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Some real brain donors there. Luckily all made it back, shame they’re not having to foot the bill for their stupidity
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    For Sale Metalbudgies Blade Sale

    I’ll take the Rogers of Sheffield British Army Knife please. PM me your payment details
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    Happy New Decade.

    Happy New Year to all, may you leave your problems behind and enjoy good health in this coming year.
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    Withdrawn £25 knives

    Can you post pictures of the blades. I’m interested in the Boker and Colt
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    As a newbie I would snap that Mora up but I already have one so on to the next person. Great thread and spirit of gifting.
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    Just saying Hi

    Whoops, heard that forum mentioned a few times but seemed to be long gone
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    Just saying Hi

    As is always the way, a few irresponsible members of society using knifes to hunt down their fellow human being and the governments take a sledge hammer to it so it effects everyone and we can see the legislation fails.
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    Just saying Hi

    That would be me, recognise the avatar but can’t think of your user name on KTM forum.