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    Old Tools are Fantastic!

    I bought another Primus the other day, made a new filler cap washer for it and fired it up and made a brew. It was made in 1937. I was wondering then how many things that if I bought it today would be working in 80 odd years
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    Alternative uses for Old Jerry Cans.

    I have a black plastic water Jerry that has been made into a storage can for charcoal for my camping bbq. It has been cut off about 5" or so (from memory as it's packed away ) from the top and an aluminium collar has been put inside so the top ' lid' slots down over it. At first glance it...
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    massive font in email notifications

    @nigelp thanks but what is a hamburger menu? Only have mobile phone at the moment.
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    massive font in email notifications

    @Tony , I seem to be staying logged in now thank you. But where is the symbol to click on to access messages? I have no means of putting pictures ( screenshots ) up .
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    massive font in email notifications

    Also can't access my messages.
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    massive font in email notifications

    I too have massive email font. Two letters to each line. Also have to log in each time I visit the site, which is a bit wearing. Would not accept my password so had to reset it. Fed up with this.
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    Liard firebox

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    Liard firebox

    Having done some further searches, yes I think they are now. Was hoping someone had one to sell but may end up buying a new one.
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    Liard firebox

    Hi all, has anyone got a Liard firebox for sale. Thanks
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    Made a camp chair stand

    The oex brand make these for their chairs, with webbing on the corners. I have been meaning to make one for my other chair for ages.
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    Withdrawn 6 or 8 man tunnel tent in kent

    Hi it's in very good condition. No pictures of it up . Did have a couple but lost on my old phone. £150.
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    Withdrawn 6 or 8 man tunnel tent in kent

    Hi, I have a Buckingham 8 man for sale.
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    Droning drones

    There have been several instances of using a drone over people’s stables. Scoping the place out then subsequent thefts of saddles etc. Despite the large sign saying “No flying drones from this site “ we have had some flying from the picnic site opposite our boatyard over our secure compound...
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    Not quite 'bushcraft' but camping

    I said a similar thing to a friend ages ago, I don’t know how many members are on here, say for example 20,000. If everyone went out at the weekend and cut trees for fires and shelter the place will be like a desert. No old wood for insects, no new trees to grow fast enough.