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    SAD NEWS for the community...Lucky Lee has unfortunately passed. RIP

    hi everyone....i just heard the news and had to come to pay homage to one of the most talented craftsmen i've ever fact i'd be hard pressed to name anyone better....across-the-board talent in every way, hugely creative, knowlegeable and extremely clever. when i first joined bcuk he...
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    Deer Antler & Horn

    Ta Sir Chas...youre a gent! s
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale..... sent....
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    hiya...your inbox is full dude! regards s
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    Hi sorry but i'm not taking on any commissions at the moment m8, regards s
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    hi mike...sorry i dont dude, regards s
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    hi....ok pics done will add info asap.... regards s
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    sorry dudes....its literally been hammering down or icy here for weeks now so i've not been able to get the stuff outside to photograph it as i'd like....will do asap, regards s
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    Bottle Openers.....

    thanks guys.....yup they turned out nicely and its always nice to have a break doing other stuff.... regards s
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    Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

    hi guys.....thanks for posting....i think i've got a couple of strollers and a couple of ramblers left..... this last year has been a bit of a mad one with lots going on in my business and personal life and unfortunately i've simply not had the time or inclination to carry on where i left...
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    Bottle Openers.....

    hiya....been a bit reclusive of late, as usual the outdoor show season has hammered me into submission lol but i'm still alive and making! decided to do some new bits for upcoming xmas shows....started off with some nice stainless steel bottle openers, some with red deer handles and a couple...
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    End Of 2016 Season Sale.....

    hi...ok here goes....all prices include 2nd class postage to uk....can post abroad, please pm if needed.... axe loops.....£15 each.... two smaller, one black SOLD one brown for g.b. wildlife, outdoor small etc.... one larger in brown for sfa etc...SOLD axe sheaths.... american felling £28...
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    Industrial sewing machines? Confused

    hi...there are two singer 201's for sale in my traders section....i sew up to 2mm (4mm total) suppler leathers for my possibles pouches and 80 ounces of canvas with mine no problem whatsoever, yes 80 ounces......if youd like more info drop me a pm mate, regards s
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    Happy Birthday Angst!

    thankyou very much guys, means a lot! x
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    PNK1 in RWL-34

    did i just read this correctly?