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When I was a kid, bushcraft seemed to be a slightly "roughing it" a little more than so called normal camping. Now, some 40years later, camping seems to be don in preselected places with all the amenities of home other than the kitchen sink!
I'l be turning 50 this Xmas (20140 and find myself in need of a good mid life crisis / second childhood. So, in the new year I will be buying myself an expensive Kayak and heading back out onto the local estuaries and surrounding land to re-live the things I loved to do most as a kid up to the point where I had to go get a full time job and become a "useful member of society". Well, I kinda made in roads into that. Was always known to be a "loner" in so much as I generally much prefer my own company than that of the crowd.
Without meaning to put up some sob story, I will simply say that I have huge problems with mobility. They wont really get any better, but I want to make the most of what I have left, whilst I still have it. As such, it's time to begin to make in roads into reliving my youth and learn some more about bushcraft. Maybe even avoid the mistakes of buying too much of the wrong or useless stuff too. The choices out there in the internet / mail order world are staggering! What's more is that everything seems to be the "latest greatest thing". I know from experience in other matter that this is rarely the case, but i am going to need some help sorting the chaff from the wheat and hopefully save myself both the disappointment and wasted money (which is a major resource these days!) of simply finding out the hard way.

Fishing, shooting and the sea in general.
Outdoor Activity
I wish! Medically retired back in 2009.


We're shown many paths in life.
Some seem to be the really quick and easy option.
But only your heart can truly guide you down the right one.