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    sports direct "liquidation" sale

    Two years ago, having moved back to the UK from France, I bought a pair of Karrimor snow boots thinking, wrongly, that they were the Karrimor of old that I used to buy before I moved 15 years ago. Within a few months of using them to walk the dog the sole came off one and started coming off the...
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    Archery Butts - Has anyone made their own?

    Thanks for all the other ideas too. I should say I quite like the idea of the hassle of making a traditional straw boss. I'm currently experimenting with homemade targets made in the same way as those newspaper logs. I've torn it up a load of newspaper and soaked it over night in flour and...
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    Archery Butts - Has anyone made their own?

    Thanks for that, I just stumbled across skep-making and thought it looked similar. I think I'll have a read, maybe try a skep even, and then go for it. I like the satisfaction that comes from making myself. I'm currently reading about rope making from paper, which could be interesting, although...
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    Archery Butts - Has anyone made their own?

    Thanks for all the tips, I did wonder about carpet tiles as I've got about fifty of the things, they'd be pretty heavy to love about though and SWMBO says "no you can't leave that thing in the garden the whole time" I'm really taken with the idea of making a traditional style round target, the...
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    Archery Butts - Has anyone made their own?

    I've recently taken up archery and having shot my way through all the old telephone directories I had in the house, I'm not thinking about making my own archery butt. Has anyone got any tips, I've tried corrugated cardboard and newspaper sandwiches and they work fine, but as I get more accurate...
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    Ray mears :(

    I love these Mears is selling out threads, they're almost exactly the same as the Long Way Round/Down/To The Shops threads I read on a bike travel site called Horizons Unlimited. People saying it's not hardcore and it should have far more detail etcetera, etcetera. The thing about TV (and...
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    Burying tin cans??

    I've got an old Scout manual that says the same thing, how times change. As for plastic bags, I try and avoid them too, they really don't biodegrade, and to be food safe you shouldn't really reuse them. If you're thinking of making boil in the bag to avoid washing up, then you're probably not...
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    Fancy more space in your polish tipi?

    Excellent and far more thought and work put into it than my simpler idea, of just adding a tarp in the middle, to make a ridge style tent but with a side opening flap.
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    Arm Guard designs?

    See I can rotate my elbow to make it vertical no problem, but I really cannot then get my wrist/bow vertical, believe me, I've been the subject of a variety of archers showing me how, and I can get the bow to about 60° but no further. Whether it's from breaking that wrist as a kid, I don't know...
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    Arm Guard designs?

    Well I get a sharp whack from the outset, whether it's my arm, or the way I hold the bow, but no matter what I do, and believe me I've tried, from the first arrow I'm getting the wake up call. I do like the bracer above, but I'm wondering how far up the arm it comes?
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    The great Star Wars conundrum - what to do?

    Well us oldies all understood the timeline even though we watched Episodes IV-VI first, and they were written that way. In fact I'd suggest that knowing who grows up to be who is part of the fun of it, we want to know how Anakin becomes Vader and so we watch for clues in the newer episodes. But...
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    Arm Guard designs?

    I started archery over winter, and I've been shooting outside in my old Barbour, but this week the sun shone on our club meeting and I was in shorts & T-shirt. While I liked the fact I didn't get rain dribbling down the back of my neck, it did have one less comfortable result. I hadn't...
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    Scottish airports closed due to Icelandic volcano's ash plume

    France has closed Paris and 23 regional airports... still it'll be a nice sunset.
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    You just wear them till they wear out completely and then rather than burying the whole thing you're just covering the planet in Croc-dust. Simples.
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    Where to store a canoe?

    How about a folding or inflatable canoe? Then you can store it in its bag in the house no problem, and if you're like one of the SOTP members you can use it on public transport so you don't even need a car. Or if you're handy, there's people who have made their own canoes in two parts, so you...