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    Getting snaps of Roe Deer

    Not sure if this will work. You have just missed the Roe rut but as stated find some tracks and be out at dusk and dawn. The caller does work with does as well as bucks. Plenty of tutorials on you tube!
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    Favourite Movie Scenes.

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    Old West Firearm question

    Projectile design has a lot to do with results. Lead is fairly crude in terms of expansion depending on how hard or soft it is. ( look up Stephen Waldorf Shooting) At close range jacketed projectile may pass through the intended target and if low velocity may not cause much cavitation resulting...
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    Hand made knife - recommendations please?

    Roger at Bison Bushcraft, certainly for bushcraft knives and other options. For something bespoke Guy Stainthorpe.
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    Crown at 4 o'clock ?

    Enkosen deep dive. I think there is an offer on at the moment.
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    Sold Barbour and Alpha Industries Jackets

    Northumbria please if not already spoken for. Thanks
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    Legion of Frontiersmen

    I had some dealings with them some years ago. They had a volunteer role then which was similar to the FANYS but without the parachuting into occupied Europe bit! Very nice chaps but couldn't help thinking they were paramilitary Masons.
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    Sold Barbour Northumbria Wax Jacket

    if Bartsman does not have it I will. thanks
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    For Sale Swotty's big clear out! Pt2

    Stetson pls if not sold
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    For Sale Spyderco Caly 3 and Terzuola

    Thanks for the Mauser photos but I will have the turzuola if not sold
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    For Sale Knives destash Buck 110, Spyderco, S. Mitchell

    If the Mauser is still for sale yes pls
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    Normandy ideas?

    I think there is a Tiger tank just east of Caen. Most of the D day stuff is good but the American cemetery at Omaha beach is overwhelming.