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Kamloops Central BC summer 2011 Gathering June 18th and 19th

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Ex Member - Sidney Bounty, May 25, 2011.

  1. Ex Member - Sidney Bounty

    Oct 18, 2005
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    Survival Bills Retreat - Canada
    B.C. Canada Kamloops

    Location Update
    We have changed the location of the meetup as their is a land claim issue with our first location and area was closed to the public...

    New Location Monte Lake

    Thanks Swibo 6 for finding a new spot looks like a nice large open space to do a few things with bows and .22 and lots of room to spread out for projects

    To get here you need to find monte lake and then find monte lake forest service road. Our site is located on the left just past the 16 km board (16.6km accoring my my odometer) from monte lake. PM Swibo 6 if you require more details.

    Link to directions on how to get to Monte Lake just change the starting location to get directions from were you live:

    Poster: [​IMG]
    #1 Ex Member - Sidney Bounty, May 25, 2011
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