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For Sale FourDog Ti Stove

Discussion in 'Member Classifieds' started by Fursty Ferret, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Fursty Ferret

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    Oct 16, 2011
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    FourDog Ultra Light Titanium I Camp Stove; this isn't a twig feeder nor a back straining lump - as used by trappers in Alaska, built tough and to pump out the heat.

    £475 ONO all in.

    Condition good BUT - has a 1.5” long 5mm at height of convex dent in it (see pictures/cosmetic only - not functional). There is also slight warping on the panels (top + sides), which is natural, comes with running these things throughout the night and doesn’t affect the performance.

    Not available in the UK and currently unavailable to buy in the US due to back-orders.

    Get stung with a few hundred+ £s import duty and $85+ shipping? Forget that.

    Want it for that winter* weekend but don’t have time to burn it in? It’s also been done.
    *we also used it once to make a sweat lodge in the Summer and it was ace : )

    Weighs <10lbs/4kg can be picked up with one finger on each (average) hand. ALL the 16”x3” piping, including the US Parks Approved Spark Arrestor, fit inside the stove for ease of transport – which means it can also hold a number of logs 16”x3” for that all night slow burn.

    Glows a satisfying pink when it gets cooking – which is exactly what it does, we usually slept on top of the bags when it got going with the odd dip outside to cool down.

    Was used in a Tentipi Safir 7. Has been used about 14 times.



    2 additional 16"x3” pipes over back in the day spec. 7 pipes in total

    12"x3” Spark Arrestor (US Parks Service Approved)

    Silicone Insert (designed for the pipes) for stitching into a tent wall.

    Also have a homemade protective Al sleeve, which can be included if wanted.

    *Please note: Although all riveting is - not all parts are titanium; basically the legs and a few bolts are not.

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