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    Shave Horse

    I built mine in CLS using Mike Abbots plans. It works very well.
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    What did you buy today?

    The C70 is a great little scope, had mine for a number of years and still enjoy it.
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    Enamel billycan

    Woodygirl, you can buy the lids as a separate item on her web site if you wa not one.
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    Enamel billycan

    No connection but this may be of interest, I met this lady at the Wilderness Gathering a few years ago and was impressed with her cooking pots.
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    ULA Ohm Large

    Unit 9 Pioneer Court Morton Palms Business Park, Darlington DL1 4WD.
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    ULA Ohm Large

    Nip over to Darlington and try one. I got my catalyst from here, very helpful people.
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    Show me your campfire reflector ovens

    Got this one for a friends birthday present, he seems to enjoy it and I get hot pies every trip
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    Advice on a Bushcraft Canoe Trip in Sweden?

    I've been here a few times . The canoe centre is ran by a gentleman named Preben who knows the area very well and will point you to less busy areas of the lake system, he also runs various bushcraft courses covering both summer and winter environments. He...
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    Dehydrated toothpaste

    You can buy tooth powder from chemists etc, Boots have it or many places on amazon. Personally I just use travel sized tubes of toothpaste.
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    *** Cooking Tripod, Fire-pit Bowl, Dutch Oven - full outfit please *** ALL SORTED NOW

    Try A.R.C. Welder sand blacksmiths, they do some quality grills/fire trays etc. very good prices too. no affiliation, just a very happy customer
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    Collecting firewood in Scandinavia?
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    Mears and Spyderco

    No different book altogether
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    buckinghamshire bushcrafters

    Put Buckinghamsire bushcraft group in the search bar
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    South Bedfordshire meetup

    I would be interested, thanks for asking
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    Totally Off Topic, but you lot know so much good info.

    Sika produce a range of products us d in the construction industry, they have a reputation for quality products. I would use their products without any concerns and as said before they have a good help desk.