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    The LandRover itch.. Do I scratch it?

    That's exactly why we didn't keep our discovery sport and went back to a Freelander 2. Those 2 extra seats were no use to anybody bigger than Ronnie Corbett, they just added weight, took space where the spare wheel should have been, and were a horrendous dirt trap. Incidentally, it's always fun...
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    The LandRover itch.. Do I scratch it?

    The other thing I've witnessed quite often is this: Chap has 2 cars, one Volvo, Audi whatever. He treats it well, has it serviced and generally looks after it, tries not to curb it etc. His other car is an older Lady of some sort. He will hop into it and literally treat it like it was a...
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    The LandRover itch.. Do I scratch it?

    What Broch says makes a lot of sense. I've personally owned 14 Land Rovers of different types, including 4 Discoveries. From what the OP says I would say look at Discovery 2 commercial, which doesn't have the second row of seats, nor the leaky sunroofs. Unfortunately they do tend to have been...
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    Another carving or two

    Fantastic work!
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    My First 'Bushcraft' Knife!

    I think I've got some sort of "Mora" that has Erikson stamped on the blade.:)
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    My First 'Bushcraft' Knife!

    I agree with what's being said about Mora knives. I have much "better" and more expensive knives, but still one of my favourite go-to knives is an old Mora Companion, so old that back then it was called the Clipper. I've used it so much it just fits, like an old, well worn coat. From memory it...
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    Finnish gas mask bag

    Very handy little "bimble bags".
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    Oiling my axe handle

    Personally I use pretty much the method in Thoth's post, except I use boiled linseed oil and I don't bother with thinning it down. In fact I try to wipe boiled linseed oil over all my wooden tool handles a couple of times a year. Remember to dispose of any oil-soaked rags to avoid spontaneous...
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    Making a chest rig / repurposing an old gasmask pouch

    Ironically, these bags, although often used as a shoulder bag, were originally intended to be worn on the chest above the soldier's belt kit. Edited to add - this is intended as an observation, not a criticism.
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    One Small Birch

    Nice work there Mark, as usual. Dave
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    Pocket carry

    Subbed. Good luck with the channel Sam.
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    Puukko advice

    One of my personal favourite "user" knives is my Helle Eggen. In over 17 years of use, I've never been able to get a decent spark from a ferro rod using my particular knife. As a result I carry a couple of lighters when using the Eggen. Dave
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    Source of good pine tar soap?

    I swear by Grandpa's soap. I get mine from Ray. It really seems to help with any skin problems. Dave
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    Safely splitting wood with thin knives

    Yes Broch, a wooden bludgeon, or sometimes a soft faced mallet, never anything metal. Dave
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    Safely splitting wood with thin knives

    There's an excellent video on YouTube by More Kochanski which demonstrates the use of wooden wedges very nicely. Just to mix things up a bit, I sometimes "bludgeon" an axe. Dave