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    Sorel boots - any good?

    As has been suggested they are no longer the cracking winter boot they once were when owned by Kaufman: K
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    Instrumental Music

    This should be to everyones liking: K
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    Burnt Ear ?

    It must be true: K
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    Burnt Ear ?

    And to think this is what Bushcraft has become some 20 years into the 21st Century! There is however an upside to this searingly painful story as at least the ubiquitous YouTube Bushcrafting upload will be transformed from one that ends after our Tyro has made fire and finished their brew as we...
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    Homemade Dubbin (Leather Conditioner)

    Helpful vid. Thank you. Something tells me you've had those boots re-soled? K
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    Working woodsman boots

    I think they're simply known as Kodiak now: "The last Greb plant in Kitchener, a Kodiak boot plant on Hayward Avenue, closed its doors in 1991." K
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    For Sale Loden wool cloak

    Watch this space for the Wayland modifications? :emoji_scissors::emoji_tools: K
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    Pack your brolly...

    Great oppertunity to test with witnesses the effectiveness or othewise of your chosen waterproof garments. No doubt this will end with a "ventile only" corner of the Moot but no community is perfect so just ignore them. The Paramo brigade are probably no better but as they can't sit close to...
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    Best budget binoculars?

    Waste of time me contributing to this thread as there needs to be 0 after £48 to suggest anything meaningful and even then you would need to be looking for a "previously owned" model. Sorry I can't help! K
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    A Very Moulting Tengu

    I believe the following is very telling: "The Tutor who runs the course at Plymouth university does not like." Understanding why this is so is the key to Tengu's salvation as such will not be found in third-party support alone. I truly wish Tengu all the best and early discovery of a...
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    What did you buy today?

    Well Sunday actually: Purchased on a whim for £10 in a second-hand Canterbury bookshop. It's as new and is very interesting although I'm not sure about the aged whale blubber as a snack! K
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    Instrumental Music

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    The Collecting Bug

    Records Knives Books K
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    Instrumental Music

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    What did you buy today?

    Now with some better pictures but far from perfect. Can't do justice to the pleasingly profiled pommel which was the deciding factor in purchase. It's the Scout knife I wish I'd had as a child! K