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    Candy Cane Twist Knot/lanyard, zipper pull, etc. - tutorial

    I like this one. May have to dig out some paracord and make some for the monsters' school bags
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    Homemade Dubbin (Leather Conditioner)

    Excellent video. Subscribed to your channel too. Lots of interesting stuff on there. Good job
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    Kuksa / Kasa / Cup

    Have a look for Alex Yerks, if you haven't already. He's the Kuksa king. Very knowledgeable man
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    Leather bushcraft pack MKII

    It's aging well. Can't wait to see the pictures next year
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    Somewhat awash with Chicken of the Woods. Recipes please.

    I've seen loads of mushrooms when I've been out and about this year. Still haven't found any chicken of the woods yet though. Hoping to finally get Geoff Dann's book so I can hone my mushroom identifying skills. It's my birthday soon, so fingers crossed...
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    New Carving Axe from Old Chopper!

    That is a lovely looking axe. Well done
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    Stupidly Simple Midge Repellant

    That's good to know. Been meaning to buy some myself
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    Show us your flaming kettles ... (pic heavy Brewing Viewing)

    It's a small espresso machine sitting atop a meth stove I made. Bought it for 50p in a charity shop, as no one knew what it was.
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    thump mat tutorial

    Very nice. Thanks
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    What did you buy today?

    I donated my daily use Hultafors knife to a friend recently, so decided to replace one with three. Isn't that how it goes ?
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    Show us your flaming kettles ... (pic heavy Brewing Viewing)

    A couple of practice brews in the back garden...
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    A mad month of leatherworking

    Beautiful pieces. I love seeing the art that you create on your leather. It's phenomenal
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    Spoon knife strop

    Simple yet effective. I'll be making one of these myself
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    How to / I whittle faces !

    I tried carving a face once and gave up halfway through. I just can't seem to get my head around heads. This has inspired me to give it another go so who knows. Great tutorial
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    Jute Haversack

    I haven't knitted since I was wee. There is definitely a bit of skill gone into making that. Well done