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    Kellam Puukko, care?

    Hello friends, I just got a Finn series Kellam Puukko knife, with a wood handle. The handle feels dry, I was wondering what I should use to protect it? Thanks JBOGGS
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    Mini Tabasco Sauce bottle

    I have a couple, I was going to use them to carry fuel for my zippo. I bet they are vintage also. If you still want one or two send me your address.
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    American Bushcraft?

    Weaver: Well now you know somebody from Ohio. I live in the southern part, we have what is called the "Little Smokey Mountians" also called the Shawnee Mountians. Most of the southern half of the state has nice rolling hills that you can lose yourself in. The top half of the state is flat...
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    Favorite Ray Mears dvd?

    Thanks HillBill! You saved me some big $$.
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    Favorite Ray Mears dvd?

    Hello, if you could suggest one of the below dvds to buy. Bushcraft Survival 1 Bushcraft Survival 2 Extreme Survival 1and 2 Extreme Survival 3 or Walkabout. I can only get one for now. Thanks
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    American Bushcraft?

    Anybody here?
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    How do you carry your crook knife?

    Looking for ideas on how to build a sheath or anyway to carry my crook knife safely in the field. Thanks