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    Blackview Phones, and Other Rugged Android Phones?

    Huawei P20 mate pro In silicon case - survived a number of caving trips so far. Easier than taking my camera
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    M1909 worth the cost?

    Not really. Warm yes, but cotton outer. Not much use for a winter coat in soggy old Blighty
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    Deejo knives...what is it about them?

    I have a KISS as my caving knife - keep it to hand around my neck. Small, flat and lightweight Survived many muddy crawls. Easy to clean. Hard to beat
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    West German entrenching tool

    Mines been used for cave digs to
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    West German entrenching tool

    That's the one
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    West German entrenching tool

    The tri fold issue ones aren't anywhere near as heavy duty as the old one (though I've also now ordered trifold as smaller)
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    Tri fols shovel /e tool

    Anyone know of a relatively cheap source of genuine tri fold NATO shovels? I've had a look and can only find battered ones or expensive ones. I'm after one to keep in car until I sort WG one / take paddle camping.
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    West German entrenching tool

    Detachable would be handy... Fit in the spare wheel bay easier then
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    West German entrenching tool

    Anyone repaired one of these? The handle on mine snapped the other day.... Its was 1966 issue so no big surprises. But the head is still in very good condition. It looks like there are 2 pins in the way of drilling out the broken wood
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    Paramo - checked them out and can't decide if good or not.

    I find my MRT Kongur a bloody awful jacket, heavy badly fitting crisp packet - only wear it as its team issue. Much rather my tatty old Montane thingy or my Paramo Valez hybrid
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    UK wool prices

    Insulation is the future of British rough wool Just needs to get properly organised. Best bet would be some sort of cooperative
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    Two VERY rusty lanterns......

    Bucket of caustic soda and car battery charge (plus lump of steel as electrode) Use the lamp as other electrode. Job done
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    Sold Guycep Fixed Blade Knife

    Good grief.... Was the Leeds meet 14 years ago. Bit of a bargain there for someone
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    The LandRover itch.. Do I scratch it?

    S1 Disco - great utility vehicles but expect lots and lots of tin worm and welding Sills Boot floor C pillars Wheel arches Basically the whole rear end body Excellent concept....Friday afternoon build quality. Having had 2 - never again If Toyota or Nissan..... Had built it.
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    Found whilst on a wander

    Where did you get the knife?