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    Only good for boiling water and for drinking cups. It's not hard to cook in titanium, it's impossible. You will burn and scorch everything. Anodised aluminium for cooking, titanium for lightweight "boiled water" cooking, steel for open fire stationary bushcraft type cooking.
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    Sold Maxpedition pouch.

    Sold elsewhere.
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    Sold Maxpedition pouch.

    This one in olive green: Purchased 2 months ago but it doesn't fit my load out so like new. £25 including P&P.
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    Sold FOR SALE. Polish Lavvu size 3.

    Yeah it's sold. The only place that sells them in UK that I know is this shop: Large size is currently out of stock but I would contact them directly as they have stock quite often. The only other place is ebay but there is a...
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    Gear made in Europe and the UK.

    EasyHammock materials are sourced from all over EU and made in UK :)
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    Fallkniven S1

    Main reason I got rid of my S1. Handle too thin and caused me sores on the palm of my hand. Wrapping the handle helped but then you get issues with the sheath. Along with uneven grind and edge chipping I got cured from Fallkniven legend. Shame as I really liked the blade shape and size.
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    Replica Polish Lavvu?

    Polish guy and lavvu aficionado here. After researching the subject it turned out they have restarted the manufacturing in 2001. polish lavvu now have a new symbol "Wz211" (which means mk211). They are very rare on the civilian market to find as they only meant to be issued to the army. I could...
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    Folding saw - cheap might not get much use

    Tried everything from Aldi through Fiskars to Bahco. Even for small jobs those saws are a pain to use. Just buy the cheapest Silky which is the F180 for a great performance in a very light package. They go for about £20 but last forever.
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    Sold Tarp, torch, kettle and more. PRICE DROP.

    Price drop for the remaining bits. Tarp now £90.
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    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    Good comparison of natural down vs artificially hydrophobic down: Yes, down will smell and eventually rot if you leave it wet. But they have created a myth that down bag is useless when wet. As you can see natural down is perfectly adequate for a sleeping bag. If I was buying a down sleeping...
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    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    Fit and comfort wise best thing would be to try one in the shop, not possible right now really. As for the temp rating I prefer to have some safety margin for when I am wet and tired and can't get up to temperature easily for the night. Only experience will tell you what you need. I agree with...
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    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    It's all about the quality (fill power) of the down used. To be hones the Ascent line of RAB bags is average and almost equals top of the range synthetic (for example Mountain hardware Lamina line). If you wan't to invest in down bags: 1. It only make sense for low temperatures below 0C...
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    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    We where hoping for this approach Tony. Thank you for reassurance that it will happen if possible. You are as always a monument of reason and calm :)
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    Replacement hammock material needed

    Cheap: Decathlon hammock -£10. Cheaper: search on yt "Table cloth hammock".
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    Sold Tarp, torch, kettle and more. PRICE DROP.

    Bump and last price drop before eBay.