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  • Hey Guest, For sale we have Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteel PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information or use the Pay Now button in the sidebar
Hi Dan what are the dimensions please?
8.5" overall, 4" blade, 3mm thick

Feels awesome in the hand!!
Is the 2 day pack still available, if so what capacity (roughly) and what are the shoulder straps like?
They've taken my post down, because i was hinting at other gear. was going to pass on a special knife to you as a collector I think you'd appreciate it a Twin Lift folder made by a friend Julian Brown it was a casting out of titanium.
Made the stand myself. i'll find out about the post iif your still interested?



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Hey Frank, Martin. Sorry to butt in on the conversation but your thread wasn't taken down because you 'hinted at other gear' makes no difference to us if you give someone your house. But on the open forums encouraging other people to break the lockdown, thus the law at the moment, isn't a good or correct image for the forums, hence the thread being pulled.
Hey Wayne!
Any plans for Finland in 2021? I live close to the border here in Sweden and Ive been thinking about taking a trip to Finland next year, would be cool to do something cool like your event there.
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When the last server fails I shall have a nice little breakdown all to my self
Wife has discovered The Mandalorian and is binge watching season #1
Just finished Season 2, one of the best Star Wars spin offs ever. So good I had to extend my Disney trial to see it all. :)
Wife livid she now has till wait till December for season 3 on the plus side Disney says it's going for the expanded universe thing like Marvel so look out for more Star Wars spin offs coming soon.. hopefully!
If you don't mind me asking Nice65, where in West Sussex are you? I was born in Bognor Regis.
Regards, Keith.
Hi there

Sorry for the unsolicited PM but I noticed you were looking for a Coyote backpack on the forum. If you are interested I have a High Ground Gear 3 Day pack that I'm not using.


High Ground 3 Day
Dammit! left fav mug on fence post out foraging
Itll still be there
Lost about 4 that way, one I brought in Zambia 20 + years ago, went to go our floors and brought 4 new ones £3 each.