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Hi hows it going, I seem to remember some time ago somebody was asking for hatchet recomendations and you mentioned one and the price was very reasonable compared to others out there. I thought I had saved the link but alas no
husquvana i think thats how it spelt,
I still have family in South Wales, I used to visit there often. My home was in West Sussex, where are you situated?
Regards, Keith.
Nordic Welshman
Nordic Welshman
Hey Keith, I'm currently at my family home close to Cardiff.

I spent 2 years traveling Australia in my early 20's. I did spent a lot of that time split between Darwin and Toowoomba. I worked as an arborist and Australian tree species are mind blowing in size and in many cases hardness (e.g. iron wood)! I dont miss the green ants though!
Wife has discovered Instagram and insists on shoving her phone in my face every 2 minutes to show me something funny #cabinfever
Nip up to pathology said the doc and give a blood sample, it will only take a minute...3 HOURS LATER hospital coffe has never tasted so good
Hi, any news from Andy T re. The stove you bought?
I've sent payment, 2 weeks ago, but not heard anything.
I got the stove within a couple of days., No drama with my transaction. Paul.
Sure thing, thanks.
I noticed your Bill speakman obituary , he was a boy in his day apparently . I used to have his autograph what my Mam gave me from way back from the 50s she met him in BERWICK when he was in the KOSBs
Any interest on a part trade plus cash for the f1?
I have some interesting gear to offer.
Jetboil,mkettle, sling bow with take down arrows
Just off the top of my head. I do have other bits also. Please let me know if you are interested.
Matt (max)
Hi Matt, I was after cash but drop me a list in case I can be tempted. Thanks Pete