Zebrano Bushcrafter

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Hi guys,

Just the first knife of what will probably be 5 in total, 2 have already been snapped up before their made! I get to keep this one though :) .

I have been experimenting with rounding the spine on some tools I made for carving, but decided to leave this one square due to the range of bushcraft applications a square spine has.


The handle is quite long but v. comfortable and made short work of the feathered stick!


The sheath here has come out quite dull as the sun went in or due to my poor photography :rolleyes: , which is strange as it is v .shiny.


Zebrano Scales, brass pins, o1 blade, mirror finish.

Funny you should mention that, as it was a design feature in the handle. Although it made making the sheath slightly more difficult, I think that it has made the tool more safe as it acts as a formidable guard. However, I might try the next couple with this chamfered off.

The blade is 8.5cms long, I normally go for shorter blades, but this one seems to suit me fine.



Full Member
Oct 13, 2005
The banks of the Deveron.
In my opinion - it's a very nice knife, but it's most attractive feature is it's originality. You have thought about the requirements and implemented design specs for them. Not many break the mould.

I am impressed.

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