Yet another wooden box...

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Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
Another trangia in a box

Introducing the Trangia Bio~letti moka express

For coffee snobs who camp.
A genuine Italian Bialetti coffee pot, powered by Bio~ethanol.

With just 50ml of fuel, it produces a rich, authentic espresso in around 13 minutes. (Just add water)

The Kit Comes complete with a “9 cup” (450ml) Bialetti coffee pot, a Bialetti trivet, 3 ~ 250ml stainless steel espresso cups & saucers,
3 stainless steel coffee spoons, 30g Kenyan AA home ground coffee, 125g powdered coffee creamer, 125g crystallised fructose, trangia triangle, trangia military burner, 150ml Bio~ethanol fuel in a tiny wee jerry can, a measuring cup & a lighter.

All wrapped up in a sturdy hand crafted wooden box.

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