XL Nessy and DSP in Carbon fiber

Been wanting to do a Nessy XL with CF Handles for a while and Big rick had some 15mm thick stuff for me but as usual a customer wants the same so had to sacrifice the bits but definitely going to do another for me :cool:

this is the 3.5mm thick but a full height Primary grind and a 30deg Flandi ive left teh scale on the flats which i think goes quite well with the Kydex

DSP large to match in Black Kydex

the guy had already had this DSP Small before christmas from his wife so wanted a full set

here is the rest of the family

nice when you get a Good response from the customer

Hi Duncan,
I've used the full size DSP quite a bit. I found it excellent for carving green woodand it felt nice and comfortable in the hand. I am a big fan of the flandi grind andthink it is a great choice for an all round bushcraft knife. So a 'thumbs up' there.The XL camp nessmuk was a surprise, as I'd never really used a large blade before, Itend to use axes. I have to say I love it! I have mainly used this to chop stuffdown in our garden but find it more than usable for finer work. Given my poor knifeskills, I was careful using it, but I managed some decent enough feather sticks. Itmakes a great partner for the mini DSP, as you say.The handle on the XL is superb, really comfortable, and I love carbon fibre,although I understand it is not very nice to work with.The kydex sheaths on all three work very well.Many thanks for all your hard work and craftsmanship. It is very much appreciated.
Best wishes,