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May 30, 2007
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Okay I have edited this first post for convenience. I am going to try and keep this one up to date with the latest information and lists of people interested. The short and long lists are at the end of this No.1 posting. Lets hope I am organised enough!

The idea comes from the link below:


Mastino's fine interpretation of a Swanndri Bush Shirt made out of those top quality Dutch wool blankets......these blankets need little introduction as to their quality and thickness. I would like to thank Mastino for allowing us to go ahead with an interpretation of his interpretation! So much so....we have decided to name the shirt after him :)

Kevin at Endicott's is now taking orders to make them (well his professional seamstress is!):

The Mastino Bushshirt.

Okay. I have seen the prototype and it looks good. In fact better in the flesh than it does in the photos - please note that the photos here are of a half-finished garment - the hems, hood, neck closure and pockets have not been finished. I'll update these photos when I get more...if I get more.

There is good news and not so good news.

First, the not so good news. Kevin will only take, initially, 10 orders for the bush shirt. The reason for this this is workload (he is already busy and his seamstress has other stuff she is making, mending etc.) It will also ensure quality control. If this first 10 is successful then it'll be the next 10....or a waiting list...and so on. I'll come to details on the first 10 and waiting list, payment etc later in this email.

The good news is that the shirt is robust, comfortable, simple and thick and warm. Its not as heavy as I imagined. Even better news is that the basic shirt (including necklace closure, leather neck 'stop' detailing (tbc) and kangaroo pocket will most probably come in at £49. The shirt will be made to order and will be tailored for each individual using various measurements (belly, chest, arms, back, bum etc) to ensure custom fit. He should be able to cope with most sizes including our more 'robust' members ;)

The good news continues....if you want to add extras then these can be added at £3/£5/£10 options : zip closure or button closure instead of tie closure on neck (£5), chest pocket (£3), full zip (£10)....side pockets, access pockets, chest/map pocket, hood volumiser, cuff strap and buttons can all be added as options.

In addition to this Endicott's can offer an "ENDY-Extra" of a 'LifeTime' Fix and Repair Service covering accidental damage or any other 'breakdown / repairs' etc. (P&P at customer's cost).

Finally, they will also be able to offer a 'Personal' detail (logo) or initials in the back inside or on the chest etc. making each one unique and bespoke.

Before we get to the order stage Kevin wants to complete the prototype, finish it to a high standard (hems and edges finished properly, neck-tie completed etc) and to test it.



Okay - will try and give as much an update as possible and post this also in the first posting of this thread.

I popped in very, very briefly today and took a look at the shirt. It looks great. Kev said the Mk2 prototype will be finished properly in terms of hems, loose threads, edging stitching, reinforcement darts and integrating various things such as the closure flap and pockets. So it all looks trim and 'polished'.

The buttons will actually end up dead centre for simplicity instead of ranged right or left. Is that okay for everyone?

The basic shirt will be:

* Arms, body, hood (with drawcord in hood hem, made of endicott's famous paracord)
* Choice of three different types of button (or toggle) for neck closure.
* Reinforcement trim/detail to cuffs and to neck closure/flap
* One pocket or 'extra' (to be agreed)

I will be working with Kev on coming up with a list of extras and associated costs, and which 'extras' can be chosen as part of the basic shirt. I'll post these up when I get the info shortly. Extras may include pockets (various), flaps (various), pocket angles, waist drawcord, zips (two-way), extra reinforcement material or cuff strap/buttons.

As far as ordering goes - the first 10 can secure their shirt with a £15 deposit payable to Endicotts (by Paypal) - details will be PM'd to those 10 along with instructions on what to do as far as specifying what extras you want (final cost inc P&P)) and what measurements are needed.

Basically the quicker we can get the green light on things the quicker we can get the ten out.....

I will get back asap with more details.

There is now a link on the Endicott website that will provide extra information and photos

Direct link to the extras - options page is here. I think you will agree that its quite a good option-list to make this not only made-to-measure but also customised to your spec



Just to clarify - £49 will get you the basic shirt as described plus your choice of a £3/£5 option included in this price. You can then up-spec it per item at the specified cost.

I'll draw up a list of the first 10 to post in this thread - then request that everyone on that list confirms they want one. Those who drop out will be offered to the next person who originally posted. A £15 deposit will be required by each person to secure their slot and get the ball rolling on their bushshirt.

Once this 10 is out the way then - depending on feedback - the production will be rolled out on a waiting list basis. I hope the wait will not be too long...but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


1 Mesquite (confirmed) (deposit paid)
2 korvin karbon (confirmed) (deposit paid)
3 techworm (confirmed) (deposit paid)
4 TeeDee (confirmed) (deposit paid)
5 welshwhit (confirmed) (deposit paid)
6 lewiman201 (confirmed) (deposit paid)
7 BushEd (confirmed) (deposit paid)
8 coln18 (confirmed) (deposit paid)
9 Leonidas (confirmed (deposit paid)
10 Pepperana (confirmed) (deposit paid)

Long List (below) is for those who have expressed an interest but fall outside the top 10. They will be asked, when the time comes, if they want to confirm their order when the next 'tranche' of ordering comes up. I'll re-check the sequence of people on the list over the next couple of days to make sure no one jumps the queue.

People can still join the long-list until it reaches 50 in total. This is longer than I am sure Kev feels comfortable with but the numbers sort of leapt before I got myself organised!
Just add your name to the thread saying you want to join the list and I'll update this first posting when I get round to it. There is no guarantee that production will run to 50...there maybe unforseen cirumstances. I hope not to dissappoint but this was always going to be a limited run for this 'project' and it started as a bit of dipping toe in the water! Anyway....the long list:

11 verloc
12 Torak
13 Lincs Bushman
14 markheolddu
15 sasquatch
16 The Cumbrian
17 bushcraftsman
18 Pandabean
19 MikeE
20 calibanzwei
21 Tetley
22 Melonfish
23 kpmoloney
24 Littlebiglane (deposit paid)
25 kawasemi
26 HarryHawk
27 Goatboy
28 Chrisj
29 deepforest2501
30 Cliv
31 Peterlee_Paddler
32 Northsky
33 Smokoe
34 Treadlightly
35 Enzo
36 OliveDrabnotDPM
37 Mike8472
38 HillBill
39 hiraeth
40 stickbow
41 kimba
42 rawshak
43 redneck
44 Atross
45 widu13
46 garybeaver
47 Dutchdave
48 Trunks
49 nickg
50 pinerevolver
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I'd definitely be interested in something like that depending on price and another important factor.... you can do a big enough size for those 'larger sized' bushcrafters who have probs finding gear big enough to fit :rolleyes:
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Nov 6, 2008

I know of someone who has both stocks of these blankets and also access to a professional seamstress. Would anyone - depending on price - be interested in something like this? If there is enough interest it might be worth having one knocked up and tested?

HHmmmm?, that wouldn't be a little man , in a little shop , with lots of kit would it?
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