Day Out Woodstime with Son of Tanith

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Wee man discovered Daddy is now on Youtube. This instantly made me 1000 times cooler and bushcraft cooler too.
We set off early and had a great time messing about in the woods making a semi permanent shelter.
It's not about the end result it's about getting out together and spending time in the woods.
Obviously Wee man wanted to video it which we did.
He joined in with the work as well as acting as camera man, scene setter narrator and general overseer

Feed back as always welcome
Thanks for looking
i fully anticipate once interest in the fairer sex is raised the interest in woods MAY drop.

I have been using the permission longer than Wee man has been alive so we use the same fire site to prevent leaving fire scars dotted all over. It's only a small site so i figure this way will prevent it being sterilised. I pack in wood as well to ensure that we don't strip out all the dead wood which insect life needs.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
All the good wilderness camp sites here are marked with big stone rings.
Dozens of different places off the logging roads.
You just stop in a nice place and walk around to find the fire pit.
That is the only evidence of human activity. Seems a desire to be invisible here.
You packed it in, you pack it out. Not even food cans get burnt in the fire ( they rust away quite quickly then)

Not only do they contain the camp fires but their position may have been established
with respect to cool evening/night breezes so your tarp/tent doesn't fill up with wood smoke.

Loks like you guys are doing exactly the same. Good philosophy.


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I really love to see the next generation keeping the skills alive. Well done Dad.
I make no apology for repeating what I've said before: I still remember being introduced to outdoor living skills by my parents well over 70 years ago and we didn't have videos then!. I have no doubt Boy of Tanith will remember the experience even if the video gets lost over time.
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