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Sep 22, 2005
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Ditto Mr Strop

Things are now getting out of hand and BES will stand or Fall on its merits.
Like I said earlier if you don't like the BES website just left click the cross in the little red box and it will go away. :soapbox:



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I really do wonder whether people are at the wind up or just being silly.

Martyn has a link to BB in his signature. Eric has a link to BES in his. Spoony has a link to his forum in his and NOBODY is complaining in any way about these.

I have never seen Martyn recommend BB over BCUK, to be honest I have never seen him recommend but I have seen plenty of other people giving personal recomendations. The difference is the same as me having my Magic Site link in my signature as opposed to having posts saying that you should use me for Magic. Even that would probably be allowed on here but not on a forum about Magic.

Anyway I think this has been discussed enough. The information is all there. If you have read it all then I doubt anything else that is said is going to change your mind.
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