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Oct 6, 2005
tyne and wear
ok we have 2661 members on this forum, we only need between 250 and 500 maybe less for this to work,

350 x £112 = £39200= This


500 x£78= £35000=this



you get my drift,

We could set up an account with paypal or see a bank manager, set up an account, see a solicitor, get things done by the book, all above board and legal, for a group buy, or a deed drawn up legally. Any new members who came along at a later date and wished to use the land, just pay the same fee as the initial buyers, into the woodland fund (which we can create) to pay for any upkeep of the woods. That way all who want to use the woods pay the same. All meets are free to those that have paid.

Views please.
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Oct 1, 2005
North West
Its about time someone pulled this notion together into a sensible and viable format.
Spoony I am with you mate, as much as I want to buy my own wood it is just not within my price range and I do honestly feel that this is the way to go. Buying woodlands as a collective to be maintained and used by members of the collective group.
As owners of the wood we would just need public liability insurance ( around £50 p.a) and that would be it.
I'm in and willing to put some money where my mouth is.........anyone else?

And before someone starts with .......this has been tried before, this wont work because of x y and z, dont waste the effort typing it. This isnt the place for negativity its the place for actually seeing if a bunch of likeminded people can put their heads together and get the job done.

Spoony drop me a pm

Mr Strop


Sep 3, 2003
Cambridgeshire, UK
I saw that too; they got a lot of help from various bodies and are commercially exploiting the timber. I'd guess we bushcrafters would not want to do that, or just enough to manage the forest properly, so the collective owners would have to cover the costs of doing that plus the before mentioned public liability etc. etc. That said, it should be possible to set up a "Bushcraft Woods Trust" as a charity maybe (?) and give each member the opportunity to book time in the woods to do their own thing, like a sort of woodland timeshare :D . There would have to be control over entry, numbers and some activity or the place would soon be trashed. Maybe we could get income from hiring out the woods to bushcraft schools, maybe even get Ray Mears to be the honorary president.... oh oh, I’m rambling now! :eek:

Anyway, it should be possible and I'd by a share if the price and conditions were right. Anyone else?

Ted W

Stu Mac990

Dec 20, 2003
Stanley, Co. Durham, UK
This sounds like a good idea, im definatly interested, but I'd say woodlands for sale would only interest people within about 1 - 2 hours driving radius, which would reduce the number of people interested. meaning a bigger outlay between us.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 20, 2005
Durham City, County Durham
I'm definitely interested - big time. If you fancy doing a recce Spoony so we can physically check out these woods, PM me and we can get it arranged. If this comes off, we can make money from it without damaging the woods or breaking the covenant. The whole scheme can be self financing. It only needs the initial funding and some hard graft. Both of which I am prepared to commit to.

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Bushcrafter through and through
Nov 29, 2003
Stu Mac990 said:
I'd say woodlands for sale would only interest people within about 1 - 2 hours driving radius, which would reduce the number of people interested.
You got that right! :rolleyes:

If there wa a buy going on in the right location I would definately be interested.


Sep 23, 2005
Where ever the wind takes me.
spoony u beet me to it iv been thiking about this for a few weeks i was even thinking about mabe getting a lone and buying one for my self and a yut or somthing similer and liveing there and letting sout groups to use it. and id even give tuition.


May 19, 2005
I'd be in for sure. Prepared to put my money where my mouth is and also the time and graft to make it work. Spoony & Eric, give me a shout and i'll join you on the recce as i'm available when ever you're able to go ;) Oh and well done Spoony for makin us get up and do something


May 8, 2005
£10k an acre? Bleedin' heck....

Surely it's cheaper elsewhere? Didin't i read yonks ago that this website was rather pricey? Bearing in mind it is basically waste land that no one could ever get building planning permission for nor cultivate, that price is a bit steep me thinks. Also, I believe that you'd need to get planning permission just to get change of use if you intend to use it as a campsite. I might be wrong.
Last year I bought 20 acres in Spain for about £17k. Oh, and it's not that big when you're there.
However, I don't want to put a damp squib on your plans and wish you all the best, as it sounds a good idea which I might contribute to if the place/price was right. What if we set up a registered charity with the sole intention of providing woodland for bushcrafters? Would that help? I don't know how these things work though...


Oct 1, 2005
North West
well theres no major rush to go and buy the first wood we see, but the intention has got to be there from everyone. The reccy trip could be as simple as seeing what sort of plot our money will buy and then looking for a better deal elsewhere. Its early days right now , but I've got a good feeling that something is going to come out of this which will be invaluble for those involved.

Its only just started
Mr Strop


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I would be very interested in putting money in.

If done right the buying of woodland would be wonderful resource for all, it gets my vote.

Would everyone be putting some money in so all be equal status?

Or would you be able to buy for example to several shares giving more say?

It would be good to see a management plan before parting with cash,
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