woodburning tool?

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hi i am making a walking stick for my farther in law, and wanted to carve something simple, but im not sure of my skill so i thought about woodburning,

anyone do this? who can offer tips advice or point me at a website?

also by the look of most tools they look like soldering irons (which i have one) can i change tips and use it?


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Jan 23, 2009
They are very like soldering irons, but usually have a temperature control, for better control of how much they burn the material you are using. You can burn basic designs with a soldering iron, if you have a fine tip, but you may have to move the tip quickly over the wood to avoid over burning. If you practice on some scrap wood first you can get a feel for it.
If you want a proper woodburning tool then I believe Axminster Power Tools sell them.


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Feb 20, 2007
Whitehaven Cumbria
Or you could knock one up from a thin peice of branch and some wire from a coat hanger and heat it in a fire to have a go. Costs all of nothing.


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Dec 30, 2005
If you get good at it you can do amazing things- my avatar was "burned" onto leather by a member here

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