Wood Stoves -- Turkish Style

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Jul 24, 2008
With wood stoves and hobo stoves being quite popular nowadays it got me thinking to a few years back when I did some walking across Turkey. One of the places I walked to was called Sandras Dagi (or Sandras Mountain in English), on the way up through forestry I saw some of the local forestry workers/tree fellers and they had little woodburning stoves to brew their tea on (tea is very poplar in Turkey but it’s not like our English tea). As is the custom in Turkey you are always welcomed to stop and have a ''glass'' of tea with them. The stoves had a little tap on them to pour boiling water and the top part could also be removed so food could be cooked too. The stoves are called a Semaver or Samovar depending on the region and I suppose it’s their version of our Kelly Kettle. The ones I saw were round ones, however there are also oval/rectangular ones which they call ''Flat'' ones. Anyway thought it may be of interest to the wood stove fans (some say they use coal in these Turkish stoves) though no doubt many will already be familiar with them.

The ''Flat'' type do not split to cook food and are purely for boiling water, the vid below shows the flat ones being made in Turkey (though the round ones are also shown in the vid briefly). English subtitles in vid.


The ones I saw were round with a tap and the top part could be removed to cook food, they were similar to the ones in pics below.




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Jan 31, 2005
Cor! I'd forgotten about those. A lot of the guys in the mountains used them when we were over there climbing. I was always too skint to buy one but they were excellent. Seen then used with wood, charcoal and dried dung but never coal. Used to see them in use at a lot of the markets on the bend of a road in the middle of nowhere too. Those for tea and coffee, and other guys roasting nuts or baking wonderful bread in charcoal fires ovens on little carts.
Cheers for bringing all the tastes and smells back and boy though I don't need another stove I really want one of those now.

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Jun 15, 2010
NE Scotland
I saw one of those awhile ago and thought with a bit longer flue etc could do as a nice tent heater.

I have resisted the shiny thing on this occasion as I've got no money :(


Jan 7, 2010
I sow this and it prompted me to get my Turkish stove out, I brought it back around 4 years ago and have never used it, only paid about £7 at the local market for it six pints boiling away in around 10/15 mins. Took a couple of pics but got no idea how or it I can upload them from iPhone.


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