WiseLED Tactical Flashlight

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Jan 8, 2010
Having tried numerous flashlights out in my search for something which provides a combination of high output when required combined with good runtimes and a rechargeable energy source, I finally got around to ordering one of the new style WiseLED Tactical lights.

In summary this light can deliver 2,000 lumens for over 2 hours or 400 lumens for 24 hours and other combinations in between.

The light produced has a very nice slightly warm tint and so provides good colour rendition.

Just as WiseLED claim, the profile of the light delivers a decent spill combined with excellent throw. The field of vision for objects illuminated in the distance is similar to that provided by the high output Lumens Factory incandescent lamps i.e. a well thrown wall of light. This is achieved through the design of the lenses which use a special material and specific reflector profile. They look like no other lens I have seen before and in operation they certainly achieve the desired goal of throwing circa 80% of the light forwards, the balance providing the localise spill.

Being just slightly larger than a 2D Maglite, it is comfortable to hold and the thermo plastic rubber covering on the body is quite tactile and warm to the touch. I have attached a lanyard to the rear, as I would not want to drop this light whilst in use.

Operation is straight forward via the two buttons fitted, the front one turns the light on and off and activates the strobe if held down. The strobe function is very bright and disorientating as it should be. The rear button allows you to dim the light from 100% down to 20% in five even steps, activate the rear light(very limited output), boost to full power if running at a lower level and finally turn on the SOS mode.

To charge the light you either place it in the tail standing cradle or use the connection cables supplied. Alternatively it can be charged in car with the cable provided. If in the cradle the light at the base glows orange to indicate charging or blue when 90% charged.

Overall, the look and feel of the light and all the components supplied is of a high quality product, as you would expect from the list price of €575 plus VAT and delivery. However, Flemming who runs the company very kindly provided me with a generous discount and to my surprise he even included the cradle charger at no extra cost.

Having only just received the light today I have not had time to use it to any degree but the initial impression is that it delivers just what I was looking for and so I can see this being well used over the years. And then in a year or two when even better light sources or power sources become available, it is good to know that it can be sent back to the company for upgrading to the then current spec.

The following images will hopefully give you a better idea of what I have just been describing.

Orange indicates charging

Blue indicates 90% charged

Reference shots next to a 2D Maglite, it is just slightly larger overall



Tail light permanently on, glows blue or orange depending upon the level of charge

Supplied with accessories to allow for mains or car charging, the cradle is optional

Lanyard ring fitted to light as standard

As the overall proportions are very close to the D Cell Maglite, the belt loop holster can be used with the Tactical

Light activated

White wall shot from about 8 feet

Malkoff MC-E Warm White 400+ lumens by way of a comparison

Tactical 2,000 lumens

Tactical 400 lumens (20%)

Trees in the centre of this shot are about 300 feet away, clearer and much brighter in real life. A little misty when taken

About 100 feet up into a silver birch


•7 LED Efficiency 2,000 Lumen
•LED lifetime + 50,000 hours
•Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
•Battery capacity: 11.1 volt 5,2 amps
•Light output duration:
100%: 2 hours 15 min
80%: 3 hours 15 min
60%: 4 hours 15 min
40%: 6 hours 15 min
20%: 24 hours
•Dimmable: 5 steps
•Submersible: 300 feet
•Lens: 5 degree half angle
•Anodized Aerospace grade aluminium
•Grip: Thermo plastic rubber
•Strobe effect: 500 watts (non-lethal weapon)
•Pre-programmable: SOS or warning function
•Usable light: Range min. 1200 feet (1 lux)
•Signalling: 10 miles in clear weather
•Weight: 871 grams / 31 oz
•Size: Fronthead diameter 61 mm / 2.4”
•Body diameter: 44 mm / 1.7”
•Overall length: 25.5 cm / 10”
•Build in taillight
•Battery indicator
•Possibility to customize the functionality of the buttons and change the programming of the flashlight
•Build in antitheft chassis number
Jan 8, 2010
I have just used the light on a walk down an unlit minor road to my local and it was quite amazing, it made a Malkoff MC-E W drop in of 400+ lumens look dim.

Anyhow don't get carried away with the list price as I could not go to that either and sold some other lights beforehand to raise the funds for this. I paid a little over £400 including delivery, VAT and a fee for paying via Mastercard. This was a saving of 35% and whilst still not cheap for the quality of the light and the performance compared to what else is available it is actually good value. If you wanted to buy one then send me a PM and I can let you have a discount code to make the same saving.


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