WinterMoot 2022 : 14-20th Feb

  • Hey Guest, We're having our annual Winter Moot and we'd love you to come. PLEASE LOOK HERE to secure your place and get more information.
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Feb 8, 2010
A lot of schools have moved dates. Those dates my son/daughter are both off. I suspect you're one of the odd schools that moved dates!

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
It's due to some of England is one week and other parts of England are other weeks, usually they all seem to match up ok and the whole of England is the same week, not this coming year.
Sorry it doesn't work out Bob :sulk:

Bootstrap Bob

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Jun 21, 2006
Sorry it doesn't work out Bob :sulk:
Now don't go ruling us out just yet.

There's always Friday through to Sunday if we can't work something out with the Schools. It will be a very educational experience for our boys after all.

Problem is the Schools know about our crazy family canoe expeditions already so they may take some persuading.
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Sep 28, 2016
Email hit my inbox last night. Ticket immediately purchased! I haven't been around much for a while. I missed Summer Moot recovering from cancer surgery but I'm fully recovered and all clear so I'm not missing any more moots!
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Mar 20, 2010
I have a few questions.

Fires and firewood, what is allowed, can we forage for sticks and if necessary, can we bring our own wood or do we have to buy from the site?

Are the arrangements for the Moot any different from the general rules of the site?

I found the following on the Scout centres website:

Cranham Centre Camping
We are proud of Cranham Scout Centre, and proud to welcome visitors to it. Please help us to look after and care for the facilities we are privileged to use.
Please read the following information points, working together with us will assist in running a safe and enjoyable camping experience for all.
1. On arrival, please inform centre manager or duty warden of your arrival.
2. Only group leaders’ vehicles are permitted to use the parking and unloading bays adjacent to each campsite. All ‘dropping off’ and collections must be from the main car park.
For campers using The Grove – please inform centre manager or duty warden of your arrival and we will arrange to take your kit down to site for you. No vehicles are permitted beyond the middle gateway.
3. No vehicles, at any time, are permitted on any camping area.
4. Prohibited areas
(a) the fenced/gated compound
(b) Workshop and covered store
(c) & unless it forms part of your booking
i) The traverse (climbing) wall ii) The caving / tunnel system iii) The archery or rifle ranges iv) The indoor centre
5. Animals should not be brought on site. Dogs may be permitted by arrangement in exceptional circumstances and must then be kept on leads
6. Smoking is not generally permitted on site, smoking areas on or adjacent to the site may be arranged with the centre managers according to the range and nature of groups on site.
7. Noise – please respect the privacy of village residents and do not cause a disturbance for or in the Village at any time.
Quiet in camp is expected between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The playing of music, radios etc should be such that it cannot be heard beyond 10 yards and does not create a nuisance
8. Fires – no ground fires are permitted, apart from in designated fire pit areas, or in altar fires, (available on site). No axes or saws are permitted in the adjacent woodland. Collect only fallen wood. Do not use Cotswold stone as hearth stones or around fires as it can crack and explode!

9. Water – please do not waste water – the water on site is metered and is intended for drinking, cooking and hygiene purposes only.
10. Waste – all waste must be sorted and recycled, using the recycling bins on site: The mixed recycling bins cater for food and drink cans, plastic bottles and cartons, paper and cardboard. Glass bottles and jars in the glass recycling. Aerosols and gas canisters must also be placed in the mixed recycling. General waste in the general waste bins. All ash from fires to be left in altar fires, to ensure safe disposal.
11. Toilet blocks – it is the responsibility of all leaders to ensure that the toilet blocks remain clean, including routine checks to ensure toilets have been flushed. Please do not allow playing, climbing over toilet partitions, or throwing wet paper, No washing up of eating/cooking utensils is permitted in the toilet blocks.
12. Site Access/Boundaries – please use only gates and or stiles. Please don’t climb over walls and fences. Please use the Countryside code and respect this area of outstanding natural beauty.
13. The Grove – Challenge course and stream – no-one is permitted to use the Challenge course without responsible adult supervision.
14. Dams – may only be built in designated area, please check with the Centre manager or Duty warden before undertaking this activity
(a) Do not remove stones from tracks or bridge support structures
(b) All materials used must be completely cleared from the stream after use (c) Do not remove or modify any existing structure without permission
15. Nature & Environment – We are working closely with woodland and wildlife agencies to manage our site to avoid pollution, maintain native species and biodiversity and to control invasive plants and other species. Please ensure that nothing is left or poured on the site which can cause damage find its way into the watercourses. ‘Grey’ water must be disposed of in mains drains and not into streams or storm drains. Please do your best to help biosecurity here and elsewhere by cleaning muddy footware before and after using the site, particularly The Grove & stream.
16. On departure – all campsites must be clean with all litter removed and all left over – wood returned to the wood pile, adjacent to the campfire circle. Please leave the site the condition that you would wish to find it!
Thank you for working with us to ensure happy safe camping at Cranham, any questions please ask the Centre Manager or Duty Warden.
We hope you enjoy your stay at Cranham and return often
Cal Williams & Ruth Rickman-Williams Centre Managers


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
It's a scout site so there's limited ground fires, we'll have one for cooking and another one or two for people to socialise around. Other fires are possible, if they're off the ground, so if anyone wants to have a fire then please also bring a fire pit that's not going to damage grass etc.

There are not sticks to forage, it's all fairly bare, but we do have access to felled Ash trees (so, yes some sticks there!) and this is going to be our main wood supply, we will be bringing in some other wood to mix with this for the cooking fire(s) but for the most part we'll be burning the Ash on social fires.
I see no problem with you or anyone else bringing wood if you want to.

It's worth pointing out that there's no camping next to pitches, there's a carpark where cars will be left and then it's a short walk (150m) down a track to the camping and cooking areas. There will be a limited facility to get stuff moved down by the warden using their quad and trailer, otherwise it's carry it down there, we'll also have a few wheelbarrows to help with this.

Most of that list covers the main camping area, we're on the other side of the road in what's called Daniels Grove.

Hope that helps

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