Winter Bushmoot details wanted.

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Jul 6, 2016
From what i've seen of previous bushmoots they look very interesting and nice places to go for a week camping out in the great outdoors, surrounded by like minded individuals!
I'd probably be very interested in coming to the winter moot this year, been keen for a while to attend one of these moots!

Would just like some more general information about the winter moot.

What's going on, what to expect, can I hammock camp? Will there be stalls or people selling on kit, to shop around? Any classes?
Stuff like that.

While I'm eager to attend, currently I am not sure how I would get there as I have no transport at this time . Although, I may be able to sort something out.
If it gets a bit desperate, anybody from Nottinghamshire going there for the full week, possibly with room for one more?

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Sorry, missed this...

So, Yes, you've got an accurate view of the Moot, they're great! The Winter Moot (and the Autumn Moot we had in October) are smaller and more laid back than the big summer Moot. There's no organised and scheduled workshops although there's still skill and knowledge sharing but on a more casual basis. The Winter Moot has a theme of Fires and Cooking and there's a number of people that are going to be sharing their skills in the culinary arts!

Yes you can hammock, I and a few others are hammocking there, although I would say that you need to make sure that you're prepared for what could be very cold nights, plenty of insulation and trap to protect from weather etc. There are no classes or stalls, we will have a few things for sale such knives, paracord, t-shirts etc but there's no big selling thing. The whole thing is meant to be a more relaxed do what you want setup.

Hope that helps.

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