Wild camping in Norway

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Aug 5, 2014

I'm new to this but am hoping someone will be able to offer me some advice.

My friend and I have found some cheap flights to Oslo, and have decided to go exploring for ten days. We are hoping to get away from the city as quick as possible and do some wild camping and walking. Can anyone offer any advice on good places to go, anywhere to avoid and wild camping tips? I really want to make the most of the time we have over there as I've wanted to do a trip like this for ages!

Anything anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,



Bushcrafter through and through
First, welcome aboard :)

I just returned from spending 9 months travelling Norway, so feel free to contact me regarding any general advice. For wild camping from Oslo airport there are a few fellas on here who are better suited to help, having done trips exactly like that.

You will be spoiled for choice where to go and what to do!

http://www.norgeskart.no/ is a good source for online maps covering norway which may help