wild camping in hungary

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Oct 11, 2014
this summer i was on a hiking-wild camping trip in hungary.

it was a 3 days trip.
day 1, 2, in the mountains of bakony. we were spending 2 days up in mountains. we were hiking in a river valley which was pretty cool but sometimes very difficult.
first night went down as we planned. camp fire, hammocks and tarp shelters. little bit of foraging, mushrooms and berries. the second day was cut shorter cos of a heavy thunderstorm. the river flooded and the trail next to it become almost useless. but we were very lucky. we run in to few campers sheds (a 3x3 m roof on 4 poles and a table underneath it). we covered the sides of this shelter with our tarps and hanged the hammocks in between the corners above the table. we built a long fire, cooked our food and just waited for the rain to stop.

day 3,
we drove some 50 miles from the mountains to a lake side. we went to the lake balaton which is one of the biggest lake in europe. the northern shore of the lake is a national park, pretty picturesque. so we climbed up on to a top of a steep hill called csobanc (wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Csobánc ) and set up our camp among a ruins of a medieval fort. the top was very windy but beautiful. we had a view of the lake balaton and the surrounding volcanic hills. we slept on the ground on mats and had a low profile shelter to keep the wind off.

it was a very cool trip. fire making a wild camping is legal in hungary so as knife carrying (up to a blade length of 8 cm) so really enjoyed doing all these things without being worried of braking any laws.

Compo Semite

Feb 7, 2012
Looks quite similar country to Somerset doesn't it? Im thinking of the Mendips looking down to the Levels and Bristol Channel (Mor Hafran in Welsh!). Looks lovely mate.

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