whos going from my way (devon)

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worzel 5

Mar 23, 2015
Cullompton devon
wild camping at Ashbourne Woods Camping (Friday 10th of March to Sunday 12th) Lots of new faces coming to silly hat camp in March, so this is for you new guys:
Campsite fees are £9 per person per night (children and dogs £4 I think)
Fire wood must either be bought with you or purchased on site for £4 per bag. THE SITE HAS STRICT POLICIES ON DAMAGING THEIR TREES!!!!!!
Hammocks and tents welcome
Bring your own food and booze
Feral burgers available on request, please comment on Trevor Feral Stephens post on the main page to state dietry and spicey requirements
The gate code is 1028
My number is (07950) 240456, call me when you arrive and I'll come up to the car park to meet you and show you where we are camping.
Arrival is 12 noon onwards, you may leave any time on the sunday (this will change when the campsite is open in the summer)
The site has toilets, drinking water and dish washing facilities
We are strict no trace campers, please bring a rubbish bag and clean up after yourselves, there are bins in the main car park.
Thanks and I'm looking forward to meeting you all.