Which balaclava

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Feb 22, 2012
west midlands
Bought myself a fleece balaclava ,so warm but I don't like the way my breath makes the fleece wet cold so on and I don't like the feeling of it on my mouth ,I keep kind of licking my lips. I hate it.
So I'm looking at one with a mouth hole possibly a 3 hole type. Ide have thought cotton but these have a large rib around each hole ,does this feel rough or uncomfortable.
Then theirs cheap ones made of acrylic .
Which would be most comfortable .
Doesn't need to be so warm


Sep 1, 2003
I picked up a full-face balaclava for cycling from Aldi recently: worth checking if they still have stock as the price had been cut dramatically (a couple of quid, I think). It's a thin, stretchy material (similar warmth to a standard Buff) with a comfortable nosepiece and a strip of more windproof fabric over the mouth and chin, which then has numerous holes for breathing. It's been reasonably warm and quite comfortable on my rides to work these past couple of weeks, easily boosted with a Buff or fleece balaclava when the mercury really plummeted.

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