where to buy quality leather for crafts?

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Dec 22, 2011
Im new to leather craft and thinking on giving it a try, just wondered if anyone know of some good companies that sell some quality leather for crafting projects? Ive come across some website but when I make enquiries no one is replying. If anyone got any good ones please feel free to inbox me.


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Jan 7, 2012
All of the above... lol

Leprevo I have had a problem with, order lost in the post but replaced, and postal charges fully refunded .... the ordering system needs bringing up todate , planning is a must if your using them..apart from that cant really complain..and very helpful on the phone for advice.. :)


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Apr 15, 2010
hi....personally i'd say (along with many others) avoid le prevo like the plague though unfortunately i still have to use them for some hardware because to do otherwise is to simply throw money away....i have however shifted 90 percent of my purchases over to other companies since the recent well publicised 'amicably settled' fiasco....and the amount of leather, dye, hardware that i get through now means le prevo are losing many thousands from me alone per year.

if you want leather, knowlege and speedy service then its quite simple....

keith and sally lyon
lyon leathers ltd
4 william st
nn1 3ew
01604 639346

tell them i sent you please!


ps....otherwise the identity store or claytons
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